23 SEP 2021

MIPCOM 2021: France tv distribution unveils its new line-up

The French distributor will launch new dramas, factual titles and animation series at the upcoming MIPJunior and MIPCOM.


"Love (And Trouble) In Paris"


France tv distribution will launch new programs at the upcoming MIPJunior and MIPCOM that will take place from October 11th to 14th. In the drama slate, the French distributor features "Billie & Rose"(8x13'), produced by La Belle Télé. It follows two young sisters. Siblings Billie and Rose kidnap their dad the day he gets out of prison. For the last ten years, the two girls have grown up in two radically different foster families; it's time for their father to pay for his past mistakes!.

The crime thriller mini-series with a touch of fantasy "Vortex" (6x52') is produced by  Quad Drama for France 2, and it was written based on an idea from best-selling author Frank Thilliez. It's 2025,  Ludovic is the police captain for the French city of Brest. Twenty-seven years prior, he lost the love of his life, Mélanie, in what looked like a tragic accident. But while studying a reconstructed VR crime scene, he stumbles upon a time warp that turns his life upside down: thanks to a glitch, he's able to communicate with Mélanie, just a few days before her death, in 1998.

"Love (And Trouble) In Paris" (6x52'), produced by PMSA for France 2 focuses on love stories through several characters, men and women.

In the factual offer, France tv distribution is presenting "The Mysterious World Of Insects" (1x90'/1x52'), a documentary  produced by Gedeon Programmes for France 5 that follows the bugs vital to life on the planet. And yet, as it stands today, almost 40% of insect species are in danger of extinction. We urgently need to understand how they evolved and to estimate their resilience and adaptation potential.

"Pearl Harbor" (1x90') produced by Bonne Pioche for France 2, comes back to the surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service upon the Unites States on December 7, 1941 and "Hubble, 30 Years In Space" (1x52'), a documentary  produced by Découpages for France 5 that discovers the history of the cosmos through a unique journey to the ends of the Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope (NASA/ESA) has spent 30 years scanning the cosmos in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the Universe and get as close as possible to its origin.

Finally, in the animation arena, the French distributor will offer the "Ana Pumpkin" series, (52x5'), produced by Folimage / Les Armateurs, that introduces audiences to the world of a little girl of five years old and her everyday adventures and "Disco Dragon" a feel-good series currently in development (52x13'), produced by Mondo TV. It stars Disco and Betty, a hilarious musical duo who have decided their mission in life is to help every child find their Groove!

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