Mipcom 2022: Only Distrib to offer new green factual programming

The French distributor is launching new factual content in the more than ever necessary thematic of sustainable development, like "Off The Roads"; and "Thawing of Permafrost, a Ticking Bomb".

4 OCT 2022

"Off The Roads"

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The French distributor Only Distrib announces the launch of new titles at MIPCOM 2022 that are dealing with the green topic through various angles ranging from science to travel. “We are thrilled to offer new green programming to broadcasters after the success of our documentary series ‘Green Heroes' (15X52’) which traveled the world to meet regular people making a difference for the environment” says Laurene Voilliot, head of sales & acquisitions at Only Distrib.

Amongst these new programs is "Off The Roads" (10x52’), currently in production, a non-hosted travel and discovery series shot in 4K from above that will travel across European parks to unveil the beauty of nature. Through animation and CGIs, the series will highlight the environmental challenges these places are or will be confronted to if global warming doesn’t slow down.

Looking at the near future, "Thawing of Permafrost, a Ticking Bomb” (1x52’) is highlighting the potential repercussions of global warming that could cause the release of gas, bacteria, viruses, that were so far trapped into permafrost but are threatening to reappear with the melting of permafrost.

"Bora Bora, Lab For The Future" (1x52’) shows the island as a model of sustainable development, with water treatment technologies, programs for restoring corals and safeguarding wildlife, educational actions and the establishment of a monitoring network using new technologies. All this makes the island a veritable open-air laboratory that shows the way for all tropical coastal environments around the world.

Only Distrib is also diving into society and human interest with the launch of the documentary "Fashion, To The Challenge Of Handicap" (1X52’) which brings to the forefront the inclusion of disabled people into society through fashion. Delivery is for January 2023.