Mipcom 2023: Calinos Entertainment to feature new award-winning dramas

Praised by global viewers on different social platforms, “Farah” has already become a worldwide phenomenon since its premiere in Turkey.


Calinos Entertainment will present at Mipcom "Farah" and "EGO" from its Turkish catalog, "Adela," "Indefensible," "Alert Squad," and six Serbian series from its global offer. Awarded by international viewers on different social platforms, "Farah" has already become a global phenomenon since its premiere in Turkey.

The global fans of Turkish dramas awarded "Farah" in three categories at the "Dizilah Güzel Awards": "The Best New Series," "The Best Cast Ensemble," and "The Best Child Actor." These awards reflect the drama's success in terms of both story and cast. Besides its binding story, supporting women empowerment "Farah" has globally acclaimed strong lead acts: Demet Ozdemir "The International Best Actress Award Winner at the 21st Kineo Awards in Venice" and Engin Akyurek "The Best Actor Award Winner of 2015" in International Emmy Awards and Seoul Drama Awards.

In the first season, Iranian refugee woman Farah finds herself in the middle of the mafia-police war and an unpredictable love with her hunter Tahir. With Farah's son Kerimsah, all three together have created a family against all odds around them. But the love between Farah and Tahir will be tested even harder in the second season when Behnam, the father of Kerimsah, who was known as dead, arrives in Istanbul to get his so-called "family" back. Feyyaz Duman, Hatice Aslan, and Sera Kutlubey will accompany Engin Akyurek, Demet Ozdemir, Firat Tanis, and Rastin Pakhanad in the second season of "Farah" for more tears, more betrayals, more heartbreaks but the most of all more love. With its sensational second season, "Farah" will continue to be the Turkish star of Calinos catalog.

Another global star of Calinos' catalog is "Indefensible," lately awarded by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and TV as "The Best Daily Serie" at the 38th Prix Gémeaux Awards and has been shortlisted for the "Content Innovation Awards in the Best New Scripted Series – Non-English" category. It's a long-lasting, successful Crime Drama and has been approved for the third season by TVA Canada. In addition to "Indefensible," another awarded Pixcom drama, "Alertes - Alert Squad," will be part of Calino's offer for Mipcom. The third season-long crime series has won "The Best Annual Drama" award with its last season at the 38th Prix Gémeaux Awards.

Finally, six award-winning Serbian series; "Tycoon," "The Clan," "No Trespassing," "The Only Way Out," "The Name of People," and "The Well" will also be presented in Mipcom by Calinos Entertainment.

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