MIPCOM 2023: Globo will project "The Others", with the presence of its author

The act will take place on the 17th, at 10:15 am, at the K. Auditorium and will be attended by the author Lucas Paraízo, who also wrote "Under Pressure", a series with a medical theme that was marketed in more than 60 countries.

6 OCT 2023

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During the official schedule of MIPCOM 2023, Globo will present a screening of "The Others", a Globoplay Original series, with the presence of author Lucas Paraízo, who also signs "Under Pressure", a medical series sold to more than 60 countries, and supervised the script for "The Life Ahead", a production that will be launched at MIPCOM. The event takes place on the 17th, at 10:15 am, in auditorium K

“Being at MIPCOM taking 'The Others' will be a pleasure. It is our first example of the receptivity of the international public. I'm excited and curious. I believe that our series will be able to provoke as many intense emotions as in the Brazilian public”, commented Lucas Paraízo, who will talk about the series at the event.

“More than showing a situation of conflict between neighbors, 'The Others' is a series that connects with the public with very current themes in society. It is a title that talks about intolerance and the difficulty of dialogue, bringing several consequences. The series was very successful in Brazil and we are happy to be able to show this to the market and generate conversations. Lucas’ presence makes the meeting even richer and whoever is present will be able to learn a little more about this story,” said Angela Colla, Head of International Business and Coproductions at Globo.

The production, which has artistic direction by Luisa Lima, tells the story of two neighboring couples, played by Wando (Milhem Cortaz, from 'A Mother’s Love”) and Mila (Maeve Jinkings, from 'Land of the Strong'); and Cibele (Adriana Esteves, from 'Brazil Avenue’) and Amâncio (Thomás Aquino), who clash after a fight between their sons, Rogerio (Paulo Mendes) and Marcinho (Antonio Haddad). Acclaimed by Brazilian critics and nominated for the Venice TV Award, 'The Others' reached the highest consumption series mark* at Globoplay in Brazil and the second season is already confirmed.

The second season of ‘The Others’ will begin to be recorded this month, in Rio de Janeiro. Created and written by Lucas Paraízo and with artistic direction by Luisa Lima, in the new season the plot unfolds in a condominium of upper-class houses in the same neighborhood that housed the story of the first episodes.