MIPTV 2023: Blue Ant to showcase over 450 hours of new premium programming

New offerings from the multi-genre distributor will deliver diverse new titles, including long-running returning hit shows, documentaries and premium-access series.

23 MAR 2023

"Dubai: Buying the Dream"

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Blue Ant International will present more than 450 hours of premium content with new titles and new seasons of long-running favourites for international buyers at MIPTV. The independent distributor will premiere fresh content across multiple genres offering a diverse blend of stand-out storytelling from top-tier talent and producers.

“Blue Ant International’s catalogue continues to evolve with engaging, high-end, multi-genre content from world-class creatives reflecting our global scale and mass appeal,” says Solange Attwood, EVP, Blue Ant International. “We are looking forward to talking to buyers and partners attending MIPTV about our new catalogue of premium series and documentaries, as well as how we can create bespoke deal structures that include creative financing solutions for co-productions or presales of new projects.”

Blue Ant International will highlight: "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies" (3x60’; 4K; Blue Ant Studios) provides access to Casey Anthony; "Dubai: Buying the Dream" (6x60’: HD: Angel Eye Media) is set in the most luxurious, hottest, property market in the world; "Citizens At War: A Year in Ukraine" (6x60’; HD: GTV, Tilt, Film.UA) where the filmmakers of Kyiv’s film production house have fanned out to the frontlines to record the fate of their nation; "The Real Spies Among Friends" (1x60’; HD; Wingspan) is an espionage thriller that tells the real story behind the hit drama series "A Spy Among Friends."

Launching weeks before His Majesty King Charles III’s coronation, "Born to Be King" (1x60’; HD; Touchdown Films) is packed with drama, heartache and scandal. "Bollywed" (10x30’; HD: Hearthat Entertainment) is a heartwarming and humorous series centred around the Singh Family, who have been operating their bridal shop for the past 37 years.

"Mission Unexplained" (8x60’: HD: Catalyst & Blue Ant Studios) explores mystifying lights to terrifying apparitions, to mechanical mysteries and more. "Mysteries From Above", Season 2 (10x60’; HD: Saloon Media) the second season of this proven ratings driving series continues to investigate significant historic and contemporary sites from above with drone, satellite, and aerial photography.

"Three Mothers, Two Babies and A Scandal" (3x60’: HD: Firecrest Films) tells the complex and compelling story of the internet adoptions of twin babies, by two separate families on two different continents, and the Trans-Atlantic custody battle and media storm that ensued. "Brink of Disaster" (3x90' HD | 6 x 60' HD: Wildflame Productions and Saloon Media) shows how our man-made metropolises are at constant risk of destruction from these elemental forces. "The Black Death with Dan Snow" (2x60’; HD | 1 x 120’ HD: History Hit) British Historian Dan Snow and archaeologist Raksha Dave investigate how the Black Death devastated Britain 700 years ago.

"Britain’s Most Luxurious Train Journeys" (4 x 60’; HD: Candour) lets viewers step inside a world of fine dining, silver service and opulent vintage carriages to experience the UK’s most stunning scenery. "I Have Nothing" (6x30’; HD: Catalyst & Blue Ant Studios) is a show about amateur abilities and enormous ambitions. "Home Greek Home" (6x60’; HD: Friel Kean) follows TV presenter Sarah Moore as she fulfills her dream of owning a house abroad. "Ireland’s Wild Islands" (3x60’; 4K HDR Hosted | 2x60’; 4K HDR Blue Chip: Crossing the Line) is an enthralling series that illustrates the challenges wild creatures face in order to survive on and around Ireland’s isolated outposts. "Apocalypse Plan B" (1x60’; HD: Grand Passage Media) the film journeys to the edge of science and science-fiction to meet the prophets of “geo-engineering” who hope to avert climate doom by dimming the sun, duplicating volcanoes, transforming ocean clouds and re-greening billions of acres of the world’s landscape.

In "Deep In The Heart" (1x60’; 1 x 120; 4K HDR: Fin & Fur Films) Matthew McConaughey narrates this visually-stunning masterpiece exploring America’s diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife. "Staying Wild" (6x30‘; 4K: Overtime Studios) follows a dedicated and diverse rescue team in a fight to treat and save over 2,000 wildlife species each season. "Wild Dogs: Packs vs. Pride" second season (6x30’; 4K HDR: Icon Films), Julz Braatvedt is back to follow two wild dog packs and one lion pride. "Wildlife ER" Season 2 (6x60’; 4K HDR: Wild Bear Productions) continues to follow the dedicated professionals and volunteers on the front lines of rescuing and caring for sick and injured wild animals in Australia’s busiest wildlife hospital. "Urban Legend" (8x60’; HD: Cream Productions) a mini-horror film full of suspense and tension, featuring stories of lurking psychopaths, murderous mysteries, creepy creatures and twisting tales.