Blue Ant International secures multiple sales across CEE region

History-themed series and documentaries have been picked up by leading platforms in the territory, including Telewizija Polsat & TV Spektrum and Canal+ Polska.

20 JUN 2023

"Greatest Discoveries With Dan Snow"

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Blue Ant International has reached multiple sales of history-themed series and documentaries with leading platforms across Central and Eastern Europe. “We have a robust portfolio of premium history-themed programming that audiences are hungry for," says Kate Blank, VP International Sales, Blue Ant International. “This raft of deals speaks to our commitment to bringing our partners across Central and Eastern Europe, and the world, top-tier, compelling content that fulfills their programming needs.”

In Poland, Telewizija Polsat & TV Spektrum has picked up the factual thriller "Ice Age: A Frozen World" (3x60' | 1x120'; October Films); "Greatest Discoveries With Dan Snow" (3x60’; History Hit); and the docu-series "Citizens At War: A Year In Ukraine" (6x60’; GTV, Tilt, Film.UA).

Canal+ Polska will air "Pride and Prostitution" (1x60’; One Tribe TV); "Searching for Secrets" (6x60′; Bigger Bang & Saloon Media); "History by the Numbers" (20x60’; Saloon Media); "Mysteries from Above" (20x60’; Saloon Media); "Ancient Earth: Dinosaurs of the Frozen Continent" (2x60′; NHNZ Worldwide & Giant Screen Films); and "The Black West: A Counter History of the Wild West" (1x60’; Capa Films).

Across Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, AMC Networks International CNE will air "Greatest Discoveries With Dan Snow" (3x60’; History Hit), "The Black Death With Dan Snow" (2x60' | 1x120’: History Hit); "Born To Be King" (1x60; Touchdown Films); "9/11 Kids" (1x90′ 4K | 1 x 100′; Saloon Media); "Submarine: Life Under the Waves" (2x60’; Artlab Films); and "Inside Britain's Secret Nuclear Submarine" (1x60’: Artlab Films).

The Czech Republic’s FTV Prima has licensed "Ancient Earth: Dinosaurs Of The Frozen Continent" (2x60′; HD; NHNZ Worldwide & Giant Screen Films), "Bettany Hughes' Grand Tour: From Paris To Rome" (4x60’; Sandstone Global); "Greek Island Odyssey With Bettany Hughes" (6x60’: Sandstone Global); "Greatest Discoveries With Dan Snow" (3x60’; HD; History Hit); "Last Day Of The Dinosaurs" (1x68’: Pioneer Productions & Handel Productions); "Mysteries from Above" (20x60’; Saloon Media); "Silver Spitfire: The Longest Flight" (1x60' HD |1x90'; Red Bull Originals & Stamp Productions); "The Dambusters" (3x60’; October Films); "The Real Hunt For Red October" (2x60’; Muse Productions); "The Spy Who Stole The Atom Bomb" (1x60’; Oxford Digital).

FTV Prima also bet for "Unsinkable: Japan's Lost Battleship" (1x60’; Vulcan Productions); "Warbird Workshop" (4x60’; Air TV); "Britain’s Secret Nuclear Submarine" (1x60’; Artlab Films); "Submarine: Life Under The Waves"; and "Warship: Life At Sea" (14x60’; Artlab Films).

In Romania, TVR has licensed "The Queen's Coronation in Colour" (1x60’; Oxford Film and TV), taking; "The Queen and Charles: Mother and Son" (1x60’; ITN Productions); "Charles and Camilla: King and Queen in Waiting" (1x60’: ITN Productions).

Estonia Public Broadcasting ERR has picked up "Citizen's At War, A Year In The Ukraine" (6x60’; HD: GTV, Tilt, Film.UA), "Ice Age: A Frozen World"; "World's Most Beautiful Railways" (6x60’; Flint TV); and "Britain's Scenic Railways" (4x60’; Flint TV).

Romania’s RCS & RDS will offer their audiences "Secrets of the Imperial War Museum" (6x60’, Spring Films); "Silver Spitfire: The Longest Flight" (1x60' HD | 1x90'; Red Bull Originals & Stamp Productions); "Searching for Secrets" (6x60′; Bigger Bang & Saloon Media); and "History by the Numbers".

Also in Romania, Prima TV has picked up "Return to Downton" (1x60’, Peninsula TV); "Lost Worlds: Deeper into the Black Sea" (2x60' | 1x90'; Black Sea Films), "Unsinkable: Japan's Lost Battleship" (1x60’; Vulcan Productions); "Secrets of the Imperial War Museum" (6x60’, Spring Films); "Should We Bomb Auschwitz?" (1x60’, Oxford Film & TV); "The Spy Who Stole the Atom Bomb"; "The Emperor's Lost Harbour" (1x60’, PTV Productions); "Titanic: The New Evidence" (1x60’, Blink Films); and "Warbird Workshop" (4x60’, Air TV).

LRT in Lithuania has licensed "Mysteries from Above" (20x60’; Saloon Media); "Born To Be King"; "The Real Spies Among Friends" (1x60’; Wingspan Productions); "Cracking the Code" (5x60’; Blink Films); and "Return To Downton" (1x60’; Peninsula TV).