MIPTV 2024: Globo to present its releases and scripted formats

Globo will showcase its latest releases and highlights, such as the series ‘The End’ and "The Others". The company will also have a screening of "Living On A Razor’s Edge" at Canneseries.

25 MAR 2024

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The Brazilian group Globo will showcase its latest releases and highlights, at MIPTV. Some titles that will be featured are “The end”, “The others”, and “We are five”. The company will also have a screening of "Living On A Razor’s Edge", on the 6th, at 3 p.m., at Canneseries, a parallel event to MIPTV, that celebrates the best television works in the world. The Globoplay Original series was the only representative from Brazil selected for the festival and competes for awards with productions from countries such as China, Spain, and Germany. 

Other highlights at MIPTV are the Globoplay Originals series "The end" and "The others". Created and written by Fernanda Torres, with artistic direction by Andrucha Waddington (‘Under Pressure’) and direction by Daniela Thomas, "The end" follows a group of friends, and their joys, craziness, and frustrations, over four decades. ‘The Others’, by Lucas Paraizo (‘Under Pressure’), with artistic direction by Luisa Lima (‘Where my heart is"), brings discussions about intolerance and the difficulty of dialogue in today's society. Globo's portfolio for MIPTV also includes Globoplay Originals such as ‘We Are Five’, which had its third and final season recently released, "The Brazilian mafia", "The life ahead", "Justice: life is not fair", the franchises of "Anti-kidnapping unit", and ‘Vicky and the muse’, as well as the telenovelas ‘"Land of desire" and "Crossed paths".

Produced by AfroReggae Audiovisual, in partnership with Formata Produções e Conteúdo and Globoplay, "Living On A Razor’s Edge" was created by José Junior ("Anti-kidnapping unit’) and narrates in eight episodes the sociologist Herbert de Souza’s (1935-1997) fight for major social causes. The series is directed by Lipe Binder and features names such as Julio Andrade ("Under pressure"), who is also part of the directing team, Humberto Carrão ("All the flowers"), Leandra Leal ("Justice: life Is not fair"), Andréia Horta ("In your place"), Ravel Andrade ("Aruanas"), Walderez de Barros ("Once we were Six"), Michel Gomes, and Sirlea Aleixo.

Gabriel Doria, Content Distribution and Partnerships referred to the success of the series:We are very happy with yet another international recognition for ‘Living On A Razor’s Edge’. We were the only Brazilians at the Berlinale Series Market in February and we continue on this successful journey with the selection for Canneseries. In addition, we are taking our latest releases to MIPTV, with products ranging from action and drama series to plots aimed at younger audiences and documentary series”, stated.