Québec lands at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment

The Québec Office in Barcelona landed at Conecta Fiction to support four Québec companies: ComediHa!, Just For Laughs, Merci Productions and Trio Orange.


The Québec Office in Barcelona landed at Conecta Fiction to support four Québec companies, ComediHa!, Just For Laughs, Merci Productions and Trio Orange, which will participate in various B2B meetings, seizing an excellent opportunity to work toward exporting their content and to establish collaborations with Spanish and European agents in the audiovisual field. The delegation will also be joined by Quebecor, a leading company in Québec’s audiovisual sector.

Given Spain and Québec’s recent successes in creating and disseminating audiovisual content, as well as the Spanish Government’s willingness to position itself as a hub for the European audiovisual sector, Québec believes Conecta Fiction can be a springboard for the positioning of its content, the search for synergies and the reinforcement of alliances between two international players on the rise.

As investment in the audiovisual sector continues to rise (C$2.4 billion in 2019-2020, a 17% increase over the previous year), there is no doubt that Québec production is booming. As a result of this dynamism, Québec plays a leading role in the international visual effects scene. A pioneer in the sector in Canada, and recognized as one of the most important hubs in the world, Québec also increased its investments in VFX by 25% compared to 2019. The industry, which sustains 63.000 jobs already, is still looking for new talent, as job growth stood at 12% last year.

Starting at 1pm on June 23, the Québec Office in Barcelona will lead a panel in collaboration with Québec Creates (SODEC). Various speakers from Canada, Brazil, and Germany will participate. The panel will be aimed at publicizing the Québec brand and sharing the experience of producing and disseminating “glocal” content as well as the extraordinary value of diverse cultural identities.

Above all, issues such as the international dissemination of national products in languages other than English will be raised, as will the countless challenges and new paths currently emerging in the sector. After the round table, Québec will organize a networking event beginning at 2pm, where the debate will continue and all will have the opportunity to show interest, voice their concerns, and plan on how to join forces.