23 FEB 2023

Series Mania Forum: Five new French series are coming from Unifrance

The Coming Next from France session will present the new launches from Wild Bunch TV; Mediawan Rights; Federation Studios; Have A Good One and France tv distribution.

23 FEB 2023

"Sex (re)Education"

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Unifrance will present five new French series at the Series Mania Forum in the frame of the eighth edition of Coming Next from France. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, March 21 at Lille Grand Palais, Auditorium Pasteur.

The five series presented in 2023 are: The comedy "Love is all" (6x26’), produced by Phase 4 Productions and distributed by Wild Bunch TV; the action thriller "9/12" (4x52’), produced by Scarlett Production and distributed by Mediawan Rights; the thriller "Sambre" (6x52’), from What's Up films productions and distributed by Federation Studios; the romcom "Sex (re)Education" (10x26’), produced by Next Episode and distributed by Have A Good One as well as the true crime "French Roulette - A Mother’s Ordeal" (4x52’), from Effervescence production company and distributed by France tv distribution.

These five series offer a wide range of writing styles, worlds, and genres (true crime, detective, comedy, romance...) and are bolstered by strong casts of established actors alongside new faces, who are as equally talented. Each of these series explores a part of French society or its history from its brightest to darkest aspects.

The figures from the latest study conducted by the CNC and Unifrance show increasing activity. In fact, exports of French audiovisual programs in 2021 (sales, pre-sales, and co-production contributions) reached a new record with a total of €375.9 million (+6% compared to 2020). In particular, international sales of French dramas recorded a historic increase of 21.8% to €57.3m, representing 30.8% of total sales.