During Sportel Miami Conference Day, on Tuesday 3rd March, will discuss how Ironman has leveraged the social network to build an audience and drive meaningful business results.

18 FEB 2020

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Since 2018, Ironman has partnered with Facebook to distribute its live events on Facebook Watch. During Sportel Miami Conference Day, on Tuesday 3rd March, Devi Mahadevia, Facebook Director of Emerging & Digital Sports Partnerships and Matthieu Van Veen, the Ironman Group Chief Revenue Officer, will discuss how Ironman has leveraged the social network to build an audience and drive meaningful business results.

The case study will illustrate the growth of the partnership and highlight how participatory sports such as Ironman events are a great fit for Facebook Watch because they are highly communal with established and engaged fan bases on the Facebook platform.

"Ironman has emerged as an industry leader when it comes to using Facebook to support its tentpole events, so we’re thrilled to share some of the ingredients to its success at Sportel Miami", said Devi Mahadevia. "We expect this conversation to cover a lot of ground - everything from how Ironman tailors its productions for a social media audience, to how it uses our tools to build an audience, generate advertising revenue and drive sign-ups to its races. We also look forward to discussing how this partnership fits within our broader Facebook Watch content strategy." 

The session will also share insights on how the partnership takes fans inside the inner workings of race day for further engagement and will walk the audience through the astounding success of Facebook Watch programming numbers right from the start of the partnership, bringing a truly global schedule of live event coverage to a broadening community.

"We look forward to sharing our success story with Facebook at Sportel Miami. This is a great opportunity to showcase how two industry leading companies have been able to come together to meet their respective growth and innovation goals," 7/5000
commented Matthieu Van Veen. "Facebook has provided us with a unique platform to showcase our events while delivering to Facebook a highly engaged community. Together, we created a large audience that comes to Facebook to watch our content and interact with each other. This has become a year-round platform for our host cities and sponsors. As we enter the third year of the partnership, we are looking forward to further utilizing the platform functionalities and provide coaching and training services to our athletes. We are delighted to have the opportunity to discuss this roadmap while engaging with other industry leaders at Sportel", concluded.

Fans are able to watch full live coverage of the competition’s top events on Facebook Watch via the Ironman Now Facebook Page.