20 MAR 2024

Can Okan: “The 'New Generation Turkish Series' holds great potential for global distribution”

The Founder and CEO of Inter Medya describe the strategy behind the Turkish company's content development and highlight its present and global potential.

20 MAR 2024

Can Okan

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Turkey's Inter Medya is featuring a new rising category of the company's catalog: the "New Generation Turkish Series," mini-series produced specifically for streaming platforms that brings different interpretations to traditional Turkish dramas. Señal News spoke with Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya, to describe the company's new development.

How would you define the global potential of "The New Generation Turkish Series"?
"' The 'New Generation Turkish Series' is a brand we, Inter Medya, brought to life by patenting it in 2021. Our goal in launching it was to highlight the aspects of these series that differentiate them from classic Turkish dramas regarding subjects, production, and structure. The mini-series we refer to as 'New Generation Turkish Series' are mostly produced for digital platforms, consisting of short seasons of six to eight episodes, sometimes as short as 20-45 minutes, featuring bold and brave stories shot with a cinematic approach. We named these edgy productions' New Generation Turkish Series' as a playful nod to the significant legacy Turkish dramas have created worldwide. The journey of classic Turkish content on the global stage has been ongoing for years. On the other hand, mini-series have entered our lives in recent years, coinciding with the rise of digital platforms. While these series tell different stories, they draw inspiration from Turkish dramas and have successfully carved out their niche by offering a fresh interpretation of Turkish storytelling. So, although mini-series belong to a different genre, they are still content that carries the Turkish DNA, is nourished by Turkish roots, and offers different perspectives on Turkish storytelling. The presence of this content has supported our sales to digital platforms worldwide and contributed to our successful journey alongside classic Turkish dramas, enriching our catalog and expanding our global reach. The 'New Generation Turkish Series' undoubtedly holds great potential for global distribution, as Turkey is the world's leading non-English content exporter."

Why did you decide to start working with this genre and global streaming platforms?
"Especially during the pandemic, the number of digital platforms in our customer portfolio increased rapidly. Our customers began to launch digital platforms, and we became familiar with independent local digital platforms. Their first searches were for Turkish content to offer a rich content catalog to the subscribers of these platforms. The same happened in Turkey. Very successful local digital platforms began to emerge, and of course, projects produced for these platforms started to enter our lives. Additionally, global digital platforms increased their acquisition and original production efforts in Turkey. So, Inter Medya could not remain indifferent to this trend. We have included digital platforms in our focus in our distribution business, which we have been successfully continuing for years, and we have conducted the necessary work to expand our content library in this regard. To meet the demands of our customers, we have undertaken the international distribution of many mini-series. Without fear, we took a step to venture into a field that is still growing, and so far, it has been a consistently positive process for us. The global demand for Turkish mini-series, or 'New Generation Turkish Series,' is brewing and growing. Still, we are confident that our mini-series will contribute significantly to the significant impact Turkish content is making worldwide."

What are the latest deals and developments that Inter Medya has worked out with global players?
"We licensed our mini-series 'Interrupted,' by Tims&B Productions, and the TOD Original series, 'Dreams and Realities,' to Italy's Mediaset. 'Interrupted' has also been sold to Morocco and Thailand. After being licensed to Globo in Brazil, the out-of-box mini-series 'Naked' quickly became the most-watched content in its debut week and maintained top viewership for weeks. Following this success, 'Naked' has also been introduced to audiences in Poland and Thailand. Furthermore, we closed deals for 'Interrupted,' 'Respect,' and 'Behzat Ç' across the MENA region. The show was also licensed in Venezuela and the U.S. Hispanic market. Recently, we entered into an exclusive agreement with Gain, one of Turkey's leading digital platforms, to distribute all current and future content streamed on the platform. This agreement has significantly expanded our mini-series catalog, adding titles such as '10K Steps,' 'Running Errands,' 'Hamlet,' 'Actually You Are Free,' And 'Crinicals.' Moreover, we have recently added the platform's latest production, 'Like There Is No Tomorrow,' starring global stars Tuba Büyüküstün and Halit Ergenç. This single-night, single-location series featuring outstanding performances will have a great journey abroad. Also, its adaptable format ensures its global potential. We have also observed the growing acceptance of the 'New Generation Turkish Series' brand among our clients, which brings us great happiness. As we continue to promote this concept worldwide, we are certain that sales of our mini-series will continue to rise significantly. We are confident that our second participation in Series Mania will bring positive developments for our 'New Generation Turkish Series.'"

By Diego Alfagemez