27 OCT 2023

“Urban,” a unique approach for young adults

Ana Bustamante, General Director at Mediterraneo, and Jota Aceytuno, Executive Producer Of “Urban”, describe the potential of this drama launch for Mipcom, which mixes a young-adult story with an inspirational music life trip.

27 OCT 2023

Ana Bustamante (Mediterraneo), Ricardo Cabornero (Prime Video), Fernardo Flores, Asia Ortega, Maria Pedraza, Jota Aceytuno (Alea Media) y Arantxa Écija (Mediaset España)

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"Urban" is Mediterraneo's drama bet for 2023. A six-part series produced by Alea Media, starring María Pedraza, Bernardo Flores, and Asia Ortega, it is a young-adult drama that relates the story of two girls from opposite worlds embarking on an inspirational music life trip, trying to follow their dreams and find their essence. Ana Bustamante, General Director at Mediterraneo, and Jota Aceytuno, Executive Producer Of "Urban," spoke with Señal News and described the show's global potential.

How would you describe the unique characteristics of "Urban"?
JA: "The series concept arises from a reflection on failure. Today, we are accustomed to seeing talent shows that seek unpolished gems among thousands of aspirants to propel their professional careers forward. But what happens to those who receive a "no" as an answer? After hundreds of auditions, what occurs when one of these aspirants steps off the stage and returns home defeated, with no desire to keep fighting? That's where the soul of 'Urban' resides. The series narrates the failures, ups, and downs of a group of people who, despite everything, pursue their dreams and aspirations, even though they repeatedly collide with the wall of reality. We spend most of our lives looking up to successful people and turning them into role models, setting impossible goals to achieve. But failure, at least as a starting point, is much more familiar and interesting. It's a good place to begin building. And that's how 'Urban' begins: with three failures, each in their way, that will cross paths."

How will this show appeal to global audiences?
AB: "'Urban' is an extraordinary series with a unique approach and well differentiated from the rest of our dramas. First, because it's targeted to young adults, which is still one of the most relevant audiences to captivate. Moreover, 'Urban' is a relatable series without filters about a teenage friendship, showcasing realistic troubles with urban music as a background. Its natural style makes it relatable for the audience, who will feel close to the characters and their experiences. The series also has an appealing cast for the international market, including well-recognized faces from the Spanish industry who gather a list of successful titles in their track. Maria Pedraza is one of the most significant assets for this title, as she is definitely one of the trendiest actresses in Spain. Bernardo Flores and Asia Otega completes a spectacular cast.”

What is the value of music in this new production?
JA: "It is the vehicle of the series, the place they escape from and want to reach. In one way or another, each of the three protagonists has a turbulent and aspirational relationship with music. Its emotional value is such that we conceived the creation of the series with a clear premise: the only music that can be heard is the one playing in the scene. Only the songs the series' characters sing or listen to are heard throughout the six episodes. There is no incidental music in the series. We have sought realism, the truth within each moment. It has been essential to have the trust and talent of our lead trio, together with Víctor Elías and Jaime Vaquero, the series' composers, who have created an impressive original soundtrack."

How would you describe the experience of working together with Alea Media and Prime Video for this project?
AB: "Our relationship with Prime Video is extraordinary. We work closely with the acquisition department to explore different business synergies and develop a 'win-win' model for both parties. We are constantly trying to improve and adjust it, evaluating the window exploitation possibilities for each title. In this case, the project was conceived from a necessity of the platform in young-adult content, so we decided to develop 'Urban' as an exclusive title for them. For all of us, the content's success is essential both in linear, on Mediaset's channels, and on the digital window. Therefore, there's an absolute implication of each one of us in every step of the process."
JA: "In creating and producing a series, it is essential to have good travel partners. Working with a great platform like Prime Video has been a real pleasure and a stroke of luck. Now, I only hope that 'Urban' can have the life we all hope for and that the audience embraces and enjoys it."

Por Diego Alfagemez