22 JUL 2021


Since the first quarter of 2018, the reality genre has seen 36% growth in reported enjoyment among consumers, according to Ampere Analysis' latest report.


“Too Hot to Handle” (Netflix)


While the popularity among viewers of genres such as Comedy, Action & Adventure and Crime & Thriller remains consistently high, recent years have seen a steady growth in the popularity of genres that are less widely enjoyed, most notably, Reality, according to Ampere Analysis latest report.

Since the first quarter of 2018, Reality has seen 36% growth in reported enjoyment among consumers across the markets Ampere tracks. Since the same period of 2020, markets with the largest year-on-year growth include Argentina, where the number enjoying the genre has grown by 44%, Germany (32%), Brazil (23%), Sweden (22%), and Mexico (21%).

Despite Reality being most popular with younger demographics, with 45% of those aged 18-24 reporting enjoying the genre, the last pandemic-affected year has seen particular growth among older viewers. Since Q1 2020, across all the markets Ampere surveys, there has been an 18% increase in reported enjoyment among 45-54 year olds, and a 19% increase in 55-64 year olds. 

Top Reality hits such as Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” and Spanish broadcaster Atresmedia’s “Drag Race España” have caused a stir on social media, prompting many discussions over the shows and their personalities. This type of wider connection is desirable to consumers, with 52% of people reporting that they like discussing TV with others, increasing to 58% if they enjoy Reality TV.

“For service providers, this increase in the popularity of the genre may be beneficial. Reality TV shows are often cheaper and easier to produce than scripted content, and can create strong engagement on social media, so increasing investment in this type of content may prove a cost-effective way to encourage new viewers,”  commented Ampere Analysis’ Isabelle Charnley, the author of the report.