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Content 20 OCT 2021

Wurl launches global Fast channel system for connected tvs

20 OCT 2021
The streaming specialist company's new venture will allow any content company to launch a FAST channel, and any authorized viewer can access their programming with any streamer, device, and location.

Research 31 AUG 2021

US streamers lost more than in $80 million due to churn in April

31 AUG 2021
Looking at estimated lost revenue for four of the top SVOD platforms in the United States due to churn, in April 2021, HBO Max lost $33.1 million, Netflix $17.3 million, Hulu $15.1 million and Disney+ $14.7 million, according to Wurl.

Content 27 AUG 2021

Wurl enters into an agreement with RCN Más and MegaNoticias

27 AUG 2021
Wurl has entered into an agreement with RCN Más and MegaNoticias to enable distribution and monetization services on US connected-TV platform Roku.

Contenidos 27 AUG 2021

Wurl firmó un acuerdo de distribución con RCN Más y MegaNoticias

27 AUG 2021
Wurl firmó un acuerdo con RCN Más y MegaNoticias para habilitar los servicios de distribución y monetización en la plataforma estadounidense de televisión conectada Roku.

Content 18 NOV 2019


18 NOV 2019
Three new channels launching in the UK, powered by streaming technology partner Wurl. The first two genre-based channels, curated from Endemol Shine Group’s extensive content library, launched last month. In addition to the three UK channels, further channels will be launched in the US and across key European markets in the coming months.