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Content 21 MAR 2023

More than 20 delegates from Ukrainian animation studios attended Cartoon Movie 2023

21 MAR 2023
Representatives from Animagrad, Avtoritetstudio, Lisenbart Film, Sun Stories, Studio KAPI, Chervoniy Sobaka, YARKI joined the Forum as part of the Ukrainian delegation.

Content 17 MAR 2023

Ukrainian animation was highlighted at Cartoon Movie 2023

17 MAR 2023
FILM.UA showcased its hit animated film "MAVKA. The Forest Song" as well as a new project in development, "Roxelana", based on a strong female character with cultural or historical background.

Content 7 NOV 2022

Ukrainian "Mavka" and "Hey Duggee" team up for an animated Welcoming Song

7 NOV 2022
The release is a result of a partnership between the creators of Ukrainian "Mavka. The Forest Song" animated feature and "Hey Duggee" animation series – Animagrad (FILM.UA Group), Studio AKA and Mother for BBC Studios.

Content 20 JAN 2022

Film UA reveals "Mavka. The Forest Song" theatrical release and trailer

20 JAN 2022
The animated feature from Ukraine will premiere in theaters domestically on December 29, 2022. The project and new video materials will be presented at the online European Film Market.