Ukrainian animation was highlighted at Cartoon Movie 2023

FILM.UA showcased its hit animated film "MAVKA. The Forest Song" as well as a new project in development, "Roxelana", based on a strong female character with cultural or historical background.

17 MAR 2023

Ukraine's delegation at Cartoon Movies 2023

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Cartoon Movie 2023 focused on Ukrainian animation with its headliner "MAVKA. The Forest Song", produced by Animagrad (FILM.UA Group), which started its international path in 2017. This year, "MAVKA" was back in Bordeaux with a completed film just days before its wide theatrical release across France and after opening weekend in Ukraine, where it set record-breaking domestic box office results.

Six years ago, "MAVKA" became the first Ukrainian project to be selected to be pitched at Cartoon Movie. It was a significant achievement for the whole Ukrainian animation industry. In 2018, "MAVKA" had a chance to be presented at Cartoon Movie again, but at the development stage.

"Cartoon Movie is a significant event as it gives a platform where participants are able to find strategic partners and showcase the level of animation of their studio and its creativity. 'Mavka' and we as producers met true friends and partners at a forum, with whom we continue to work, remaining reliable and trusted players of the European market despite our conditions", producer Iryna Kostyuk said.

On the other hand, MAVKA's producers brought to the forum a new project in development, "Roxelana," the second Ukrainian project, was selected for pitching at Cartoon Movie. This is Animagrad’s third animated feature, which is based on the strong female character with cultural or historical background.

As a result of the pitching, "Roxelana" sparked a huge interest among forum participants, becoming one of 15 projects which received the most attention from buyers. In total, there were 58 projects selected for the presentation.

‘It is difficult to build long-term plans, 'Roxelana' is now at the very beginning — at the stage of searching for partners, plus, we can’t shift our focus away from 'MAVKA' easily. But what is essential is that we work consistently and for a long time to ensure Ukrainian projects gain acclaim and recognition worldwide. We keep working on it further, and nobody can push us back. There should be more projects like ours’, producer Anna Eliseeva stated.