4 DEC 2023

Film UA studio's Animagrad to collaborate with MacPaw in cybersecurity videos

The four animated films teach how to protect oneself from modern online threats in an accessible format.

4 DEC 2023


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Moonlock, the cybersecurity direction of MacPaw, has launched a series of animated videos called Cybersecuritoons, aimed at teaching how to protect oneself from modern online threats in an accessible format. The Animagrad team (Film UA) worked on creating the videos, and their collaboration with the tech brand became a new, original, and engaging experience.

"We believe that the language of animation makes it easier and more interesting to convey information to the audience, emphasize the necessary points, and importantly, such content is memorable. By combining expert information and animation, we managed to explain to the user in a simple, understandable, and humorous way the course and consequences of their actions on the internet, as well as convey the brand's ideas, showing the viewer a completely different fantastic world with its colorful characters," says Yana Medvedeva, CEO of the Animation Studio Animagrad.

Aiming to create cybersecurity technologies for ordinary people, Moonlock seeks to merge complex technologies into tools that everyone can use. That's why Moonlock introduced Cybersecuritoons, explaining the basics of personal digital security to those not very familiar with the subject but already concerned about potential risks.

In four videos, Moonlock covers the following topics of personal cybersecurity: Passwords; Remote work; Phishing; Malware. This video course is an educational-social project by Moonlock, combining expert knowledge and an understandable format.
Cybersecuritoons are available for free on the Moonlock website and also on the Moonlock YouTube channel in English with Ukrainian subtitles.