Film UA highlights "Mavka. The Forest Song" animated film at Marché du Film

Ukraine’s Animagrad animation studio is at the final stage of production of the animated feature film and the project will be delivered in Q4 2022.


"Mavka. The Forest Song"


FILM.UA Group is highlighting its flagship animated project "Mavka. The Forest Song" at Marché du Film de Cannes 2022 held during the festival on May 17-25. The Ukraine’s Animagrad animation studio is at the final stage of production of the film and will be delivered, according to the plan, in Q4 2022.

Mavka is the headliner of the studio’s lineup of projects, with many countries having already acquired the rights. Now, the release of the film will be even a more significant and symbolic event for Ukrainians than ever, since not only the project showcases the unique ancient Ukrainian culture, but also celebrates the victory of love and peace.

“The initial mission of the project — to promote and export Ukrainian culture, traditions and values — becomes even more significant during these hard times for our country. Our stories are our weapon.  So, we have to be loud. One of the instruments for us to be loud is to make a huge effort now not only to finish the production, but also to distribute the rights to as many countries as possible, so that we are heard all over the globe. Also for that purpose, we are trying to involve international star talent — especially those who have publicly declared their support to Ukraine — to be the voice cast of our wonderful characters of the international version of the movie,” says Iryna Kostyuk, producer of the film.

It took the studio several days since the start of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine to reorganize the production process and continue its work. The Mavka team created a special video with an emotional message to the world and shared their experiences of how the work is done by each of them while the country is defending itself. The video also contains some of the not seen before scenes and shots from "Mavka. The Forest Song".

The entire Ukrainian film industry is represented in Cannes in a joint national pavilion under the slogan #StandWithUkraine. Besides, FILM.UA Group Distribution has also opened its own stand at Palais des Festivals (booth number J11).

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