Creators of "Mavka. The Forest Song" present the original score of the film

The orchestral music was made by a Ukrainian-Italian team of musical including Oksana Mukha, and Maksym Berezhniuk, Dario Vero, Fabio Patrignani, Federico Solazzo, Barbad Bayat, and Fabrizio De Carolis.

22 MAY 2023

"Mavka. The Forest Song"

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Animagrad Studio (FILM.UA Group) presents the collection of the "Mavka. The Forest Song" orchestral music, tailor-made by a powerful Ukrainian-Italian team of musical virtuosos, with the Kyiv Virtuosi symphony orchestra, Oksana Mukha, and Maksym Berezhniuk on the Ukrainian side and Dario Vero, Fabio Patrignani, Federico Solazzo, Barbad Bayat, and Fabrizio De Carolis on the Italian side. The album consists of 49 instrumental tunes that perfectly reflect the overall mood of the movie while also showcasing the rich heritage of Ukraine.

Mavka’s diverse sound world was written and composed by Italian composer Dario Vero. He crafted the original score that accompanies the on-screen action, taking the audience on a journey beyond the movie. “Mavka is all about music. Viewers can listen to a vast array of musical pieces, including soft, magical tunes that elevate and warm the soul, dynamic and uplifting sounds, and dramatic motifs that recur at climactic moments. We developed the main themes dedicated to the title characters: Mavka’s, Kylina’s, and Lukas’ themes. They reveal the heroes’ personalities, describe the way they act, and convey their intentions more vividly and accurately”, Vero commented.

The soundtrack as a whole is a unique all-in-one compilation of classical, ethnic, pop, and original Ukrainian music. Ukrainian part of the team consists of quite a few prominent and highly skilled musicians: the Ukrainian singer Oksana Mukha, the world-renowned Ukrainian orchestra Kyiv Virtuosi, and multi-instrumentalist Maksym Berezhniuk. They put all their outstanding talents together to promote and export Ukraine’s distinctive style of musical performance.

The whole soundtrack was recorded at Forum Studios, the legendary Ennio Morricone’s studio in Rome. On the Italian side, the recording process was conducted by the multi-award-winning sound engineer Fabio Patrignani, as well as Federico Solazzo and Barbad Bayat, who helped the team to orchestrate and polish the music, and a world-class audio engineer named Fabrizio De Carolis, from Reference Mastering Studio, who joined the final stage of the work on the soundtrack with the aim of adding an extra layer to the score, and finalizing its dynamic range.