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Research 23 DEC 2022

Is Netflix versus TikTok the new battle to watch?

23 DEC 2022
According to new research from eMarketer, Netflix will easily dominate when it comes to viewers and viewing time, but TikTok’s ad revenue lead will be difficult for Netflix to overcome.

Research 21 DEC 2022

Is the US streaming ad market expanding and diversifying more than ever?

21 DEC 2022
Older players like Hulu and YouTube face a shrinking share of CTV ad spend in the United States, not because they are getting weaker but because the market is getting stronger, according to eMarketer.

Research 3 OCT 2022

Non-pay TV households will exceed pay TV households next year

3 OCT 2022
Excluding vMVPDs, which deliver live TV over the internet, pay TV will decline 7.2% this year to 66.4 million households, eMarketer revealed in its latest report. That figure will drop to 54.3 million households by the end of 2026.

Contenidos 20 SEP 2022

Atresmedia y Publica llegan a un acuerdo para mejorar ofertas programáticas

20 SEP 2022
El objetivo de la alianza es maximizar los ingresos publicitarios en la televisión conectada de la compañía de medios, además de garantizar una visualización de alta calidad de los anuncios.

Research 29 AUG 2022

Why are TikTok and YouTube increasingly competing for CTV ad dollars?

29 AUG 2022
TikTok is looking to expand its connected TV ad presence, according to a new job posting, ramping up its battle with YouTube to bring short-form video to TVs and capture more revenues in that lucrative channel.