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Events 16 JUN 2022

MIFA 2022: Gruppo Alcuni looks for content that promotes human values

16 JUN 2022
At MIFA, the company is highlighting new “Mini Pet Pals” and “Mini Dinos” episodes where they exchange experiences, as well as new productions like “The Black Diamond Race” and “Gateway 66.”

Interviews 7 APR 2022

Sergio Manfio: “We enjoyed the challenge of producing pure comedy without dialogue"

7 APR 2022
The Co-founder and Creative Director of Gruppo Alcuni, and Francesco Manfio, Co-founder and CEO of the company, anticipate its new lineup for MIPTV and highlight a peace message for kids all around the world.

Content 17 MAR 2022

Pope Francis receives Gruppo Alcuni’s "Cartoons for Peace" producers

17 MAR 2022
"Cartoons for Peace" is a 20x1’ 2D animated series created by children from all over the globe and co-produced by Gruppo Alcuni and RAI in cooperation with UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network.

Content 3 MAR 2022

Gruppo Alcuni develops “Cartoons for Peace” UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network and RAI

3 MAR 2022
Produced in cooperation with UNESCO, the animated miniseries will be offered at no cost, in exchange for donations to relief funds for children in war zones.

Content 21 JAN 2022

Gruppo Alcuni’s "Vlady & Mirò" animated series arrives to RAI

21 JAN 2022
The new family series is now available on Rai Play and will be airing on Rai YoYo in early February. "Vlady & Mirò" is a Gruppo Alcuni co-production with Rai Ragazzi and the support of the Veneto Region’s POR FESR.