Gruppo Alcuni's "Mini Cuccioli" have closed Cartoons on The Bay 2023

Sergio and Francesco Manfio, co-founders of Gruppo Alcuni, shared the stage with the protagonists of Rai Yoyo's most loved cartoon.

5 JUN 2023

"Mini Cuccioli Show"

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"Mini Cuccioli Show", organized by Gruppo Alcuni, closed the 2023 edition of Cartoons on the Bay in Pescara. Sergio Manfio Co-founder and Creative Director of Gruppo Alcuni (the Chief), and Francesco Manfio, Co-founder and CEO of the company (the assistance) shared the stage localized on Piazza della Rinascita, with the great mascots of the six little animals protagonists of one of Rai Yoyo's most popular cartoon series, "Mini Cuccioli."

"Mini Cuccioli" is a very entertaining show suitable for the whole family, which leads the spectators into the magic of the theater thanks to the gags of the Chief and the Assistant, among colorful giant soap bubbles, large-screen video projections, magic tricks, songs and dances to be repeated all together.

Together with the nice characters there was also be Maga Cornacchia, a "villain" who never denies herself, and in fact this time she tries to prevent the Chief and the Assistant from re-staging the Circus Baffoni show.

The Mini Cuccioli were able to learn the secrets of the circus artists and, with the help of the children in the audience, they also gave a funny "lesson" to the Chief, who, overbearing as he is, wants everyone to do his way!