24 MAY 2024

Gruppo Alcuni's "Ciak Junior International Television Festival" kicked off

Young participants to the international television project are back in Jesolo, Italy for this incredible event dedicated to short films written and created by them.

24 MAY 2024

Ciak Junior International Television Festival

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For the fifth consecutive year, the Italian city of Jesolo hosts the Ciak Junior International Television Festival, a yearly event dedicated to shorts conceived and made by young people. The project was created by Gruppo Alcuni co-founders Sergio and Francesco Manfio and this year marks its 32nd iteration.

Over three decades since its beginnings, the event continues to give voice to the younger generations’ thoughts, hopes and fears by turning them into creative inspiration under the expert supervision of audiovisual professionals. While the issues tackled change year after year, the young filmmakers remain just as enthusiastic and the shorts just as current and relevant. This year, school delegations and broadcasters from Belgium, Germany and South Africa will be joining the Italian hosts at the Ciak Junior Festival.
The shorts selected for this year’s awards explore the following topics:

• "Lupus in fabula" (Novalis Open School high school / Gruppo Alcuni - Italy) shows a young girl finding the courage to break off a toxic relationship, before it may lead to violence. A new topic in the Ciak Junior landscape, this shows a significant development in women's rights consciousness in the younger generations (on the heels of the #metoo movement).
• The communicative power of poetry is the focus of "Post-it", shot by Curzi Middle School students from San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy together with Gruppo Alcuni professionals.
• Environmental issues in a dystopian future are at the center of "Need", shot in Mannheim, Germany by the IKHM Intercultural Project in collaboration with India TV Kasimedia.
• A brave group of friends on a mission which could have put them in danger, instead shows that... This is what "The Grouch" filmed in Munich by Bavaria Filmstadt - Middlewood e.V. will reveal.
• The courage to continue dancing after an accident is the theme of "The Ballerina", competing for Belgium and created by Royal Ballet School Antwerp – Prins Dries, Urban college ‘Perspective’ in collaboration with Sound with Vision.
• An under pressure teenager looking for her place in the world is the focus of the short "Enough", made in South Africa by KIDDZPASS FILM.

The city of Jesolo will host over 250 Italian and foreign student filmmakers together with the young authors of two animated shorts made for the "Ciak Cartoon Jesolo 2024" project.

On Friday, May 24th the kids will present their shorts, view all nominated films and vote for their favorites. The jury of Broadcasters will also cast their votes for the Ciak Junior Awards. On Saturday, May 25th, participants will get a chance to walk the red carpet, just like their grown-up counterparts do. The awards ceremony will kick off, with creators Sergio and Francesco Manfio hosting, along with many guests and personalities presenting the awards. Among them are the young Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the Jesolo Young People's Council.