RaiPlay premieres Gruppo Alcuni's “Mini Cuccioli and DinoCuccioli”

Starting July 5, the children's series will be available on Rai's digital platform and starting July 22 also on Rai Yoyo.

5 JUL 2024

"Mini Cuccioli and DinoCuccioli"

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RaiPlay, Rai's digital service, premieres Gruppo Alcuni's kids series “Mini Cuccioli and DinoCuccioli” on Friday, July 5 and from July 22 it will also be available on Rai Yoyo. The animated children's series directed by Sergio Manfio (26x6') is a co-production with Rai Kids and enriches the stories of the “Mini Cuccioli”, who grew up and now go to school and make new friends.

The director, Sergio Manfio said: “We have high expectations for this series because it addresses the issue of diversity in an innovative way. In fact, in each episode, the protagonists find themselves faced with a 'problem' that arises from the different stories and cultures of the young protagonists, who nevertheless commit to solving it collaboratively, transforming difficulties into so many opportunities to grow together."

The series begins with a trip to the mountain of the Mini Cuccioli and their classmates. Through a cave, Cilindro reaches an unknown valley where he meets some small dinosaurs, the DinoCuccioli, and stays at his school for a day. At night, the bunny promises to return to his friends and companions. Thus begin the fun adventures that, episode after episode, allow kids to learn with the Mini Cuccioli what the customs, characteristics and curiosities of the world of small dinosaurs are.