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Events 12 FEB 2024

ZDF Studios to partner with Mipformats Pitch 2024

12 FEB 2024
The global formats call will take place during the weekend preceding the opening of MIPTV. For the first time, the event will be held in collaboration with ZDF Studios.

Events 21 DEC 2023

MIPTV announces call for entries for 2024 Mipdoc Pitch

21 DEC 2023
The 2024 Mipdoc Pitch forms part of a MIPTV pre-opening weekend, scheduled to take place from 6-7 April. The deadline for submissions is 26 February 2024.

Events 15 DEC 2023

MIPTV opens global call entries for 2024 MIPDRAMA

15 DEC 2023
The format will again provide a powerful platform to launch scripted titles globally by featuring 10 exclusive selected series.

Events 18 OCT 2023

Over 11,000 delegates from 100 countries attended Mipcom 2023

18 OCT 2023
Mipcom Cannes announced that over 11,000 delegates from 100 countries attended this week’s 39th edition of the market. Dates for the 2024 edition were also confirmed.

Events 21 SEP 2023

Mipcom 2023: The Diversify Tv Awards Nominees are confirmed

21 SEP 2023
A total of nine winners will be announced live in Cannes, including the ‘Behind The Scenes Impact’ award, set to be awarded to the CEO of the UK’s Creative Diversity Network (CDN) Deborah Williams OBE.