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Digital 27 JUN 2022

MeteoHeroes' videogame to be part of Real Madrid's summer camp

27 JUN 2022
The program will include entertaining and informative sessions and activities incorporating an environmental theme.

Content 7 JUN 2022

Mondo TV Studios expands “MeteoHeroes” in Latin America and the Caribbean

7 JUN 2022
The show aired last April in the US and inspired a videogame on digital platforms, PlayStation and PC.

Contenidos 7 JUN 2022

Mondo TV Studios expande “MeteoHeroes” en América Latina y el Caribe

7 JUN 2022
La existosa serie tiene una alianza con Kenn Viselman para producir una historia complementaria, además de haber inspirado un videojuego disponible en plataformas digitales, PC y PlayStation.

Content 24 MAR 2022

Mondo TV Studios brings "MeteoHeroes" to North America

24 MAR 2022
The company has partnered with the maker of "Teletubbies" and "Thomas the Tank Engine," Kenn Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment, to help distribute the series, which has already been sold to 144 countries.

Content 24 JUN 2021


24 JUN 2021
The company has agreed a contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment España and Gammera Nest for the development, promotion and physical and digital distribution of the first-ever “MeteoHeroes” videogame.