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Content 23 MAR 2022

Dandelooo’s animated series set to air in Asia and Latin America

23 MAR 2022
Key players in China; South Korea; Brazil and in the US Hispanic market have picked up hit series such us "Mum is pouring rain" and "Shooom’s Odyssey".

Content 8 FEB 2022

Four Dandelooo's shows are finalists at Prix Jeunesse International 2022

8 FEB 2022
Selected in the “7 – 10 Years Fiction” category are "Mum is pouring rain" and "Dounia" meanwhile in the ‘Up To 6 Years Fiction” category were selected "Jasmine & Jambo" and "Petit".

Content 19 JAN 2022

Dandeloo's "Mum is pouring rain" is in the race for the Oscar Awards

19 JAN 2022
The animated short film was commissioned by Canal+ and is co-produced by Laidak Films and Dandelooo.

Content 6 OCT 2021

Dandelooo reveals its resilience animated collection

6 OCT 2021
The French company is presenting a three 2-D animated TV Specials featuring strong female leads, "Dounia", "Shooom’s Odyssey" and "Mum is pouring rain."

Content 16 JUN 2020


16 JUN 2020
French animation company announced a deal with the Czech production company, Krutart for the “Kosmix” and the films “Shooom’s Odyssey” and “Hungry Bear Tales” are part of the Official Selection in the Short TV Films in Competition category at Annecy 2020.