Four Dandelooo's shows are finalists at Prix Jeunesse International 2022

Selected in the “7 – 10 Years Fiction” category are "Mum is pouring rain" and "Dounia" meanwhile in the ‘Up To 6 Years Fiction” category were selected "Jasmine & Jambo" and "Petit".

8 FEB 2022

"Mum is pouring rain"

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Four highlight programs from production and distribution company Dandelooo have been selected as finalists at this year’s Prix Jeunesse International 2022. Selected in the “7 – 10 Years Fiction” category are the half-hour animated short films "Mum is pouring rain" and "Dounia" and selected in the ‘Up To 6 Years Fiction” category are the 2D animation series "Jasmine & Jambo" and "Petit." Held every two years, the Prix Jeunesse International is the biggest and most prestigious children and youth television festival worldwide, celebrating the world’s best broadcasting for children. This year’s festival will be held between 10th to 15th June 2022 in Munich, Germany.

Created and directed by Lagardère Foundation Winner Hugo de Faucompret, commissioned by Canal+ and co-produced by French/German production company Laïdak Films and Dandelooo, "Mum is pouring rain" is a 2D animation with striking hand-painted backgrounds. The heart-warming Special gives a voice to a sensitive and meaningful adventure for children, using everyday life topics they can relate to. Winner of a Jury Award for a TV Special at Annecy 2021, "Mum is pouring rain," has also been shortlisted in the Animated Short Film category at this year’s Oscars and for Best Special Production at the 49th Annie Awards.

The beautiful Special "Dounia" produced by Montreal-based Tobo Media and directed by Marya Zarif and Andre Kadi, follows the adventurous journey of Dounia. Dounia is the story of a little girl and her grandparents, who have to leave searching for a new home when war breaks out in their country. With sensitivity and poetry, without ignoring the dark moments, Dounia tells the story of a migration from a child's perspective while exploring the themes of identity, resilience, and the dialogue of cultures.

Produced by Barcelona-based audiovisual production company Teidees and directed by Silvia Cortés, Co-Founder of Teidees, "Jasmine & Jambo" (26x7’) is an original animation all about music. Jasmine and Jambo are two friends who share a passion for music. They love music so much that everything they do is related to it. And they live in the perfect place: Soundland, a surreal land where music reigns.

Based on the book “Petit el monstruo” written and illustrated by Isol, an Astrid Lindgren Award winner and directed by Bernardita Ojeda, "Petit" (Season I: 39 x 7’; Season II: 26 x 7’) is produced by Chilean production studio Pájaro in association with Argentina’s Pakapaka and Nonstop, Colombia’s Señal Colombia and Spain’s WKND. Nominated for the 8th International Emmy® Kids Awards, the charming series deals with the adventures of Petit, a sweet, fun, brave, creative, sensitive, thoughtful, intense, and innocent child. Petit has a unique point of view of the world around him, as every boy and girl does! The main concept of the series celebrates how kids see the world from their own original perspective.