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Content 22 FEB 2024

Talpa Studios sold “The Floor” to Turkey's ATV

22 FEB 2024
The show has been ordered and will be locally produced by Turkish company ATV. The fourteen weekly primetime episodes are set to air on ATV in the summer of 2024.

Content 15 JAN 2024

Talpa Studios' "No Way Back" scored great ratings in the Netherlands

15 JAN 2024
The first episode of the adventure reality show got great numbers on SBS6, with an average market share of 17,3% in the 25-59 demo.

Content 5 JAN 2024

Talpa Studios' “The Floor” hits 10 markets in its first year

5 JAN 2024
Talpa Studios announced the ninth and tenth international sales of its hit quiz show “The Floor” to Argentina and Hungary, respectively. This development is significant for Talpa Studios, as it introduces the format to the Latin American market.

Contenidos 5 JAN 2024

“The Floor”, de Talpa Studios, llega a diez mercados en su primer año

5 JAN 2024
Talpa Studios anunció la novena y décima venta internacional de su exitoso programa de preguntas “The Floor” a Argentina y Hungría, respectivamente.

Content 20 NOV 2023

Talpa Studios and Signal.Stream seal a content partnership

20 NOV 2023
Adventure reality show "No Way Back" will be the first release from the creative cooperation.