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Content 10 AUG 2022

Winsing's "Gogo Bus" to premiere its tenth season

10 AUG 2022
In its first run, the show will be aired on all the major TV channels and more than 30 digital platforms, such as Kaku TV, Aniworld TV, Alibaba YOUKU, and Mango TV.

Content 29 JUN 2022

WinSing flagship animated series to premiere in Asia next month

29 JUN 2022
“Gogobus", "Team S.T.E.A.M.!", "GG-Bond spin-off: Undersea Journey", and "GG-Bond: KungFu Pork Choppers" will debut across different Asian districts next month.

Content 2 JUN 2022

Mediacorp brings WinSing's "Team S.T.E.A.M.!" to Singapore

2 JUN 2022
The series is a runaway hit since its 2021 China debut and now, it was licensed to Mediacorp for the first time and seasons 1&2 are ready to embrace audiences in Singapore this year.

Content 23 MAY 2022

Ladybug rolls out new series of "Gogo Bus" books in Malaysia

23 MAY 2022
Winsing's "Gogo Bus" integrates Social Emotional Learning to help children solve their troubles. It guides children to understand themselves and open their minds.

Events 11 MAR 2022

Winsing attends Filmart to show three flagship animated series

11 MAR 2022
"GG Bond", "GOGOBUS" and "Team S.T.E.A.M.!" will be offered to global buyers from March 14-17 in the virtual event.