16 NOV 2020


Serving as a non-fiction programming expansion, "I Survived A Crime" is set to debut in January 2021, while the other seasons will air on 2nd December of this year.


A&E Network announces premier dates for new series “I Survived a Crime,” “Rescue Cam,” and returning hit-series, “Court Cam.” “Rescue Cam” premieres on Wednesday, December 2 at 10 pm ET/PT. “Court Cam," hosted by Dan Abrams, will return make a return for its third season with two new back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, 2nd December at 9 pm ET/PT.

“Court Cam” is produced by Law&Crime Productions with Dan Abrams, Rachel Stockman, and Paul Tinelli serving as executive producers. Shelly Tatro and Sean Gottlieb contributed as executive producers on for A+E, which holds worldwide distribution rights for “Court “Rescue Cam” is produced by MGM Company Big Fish Entertainment.

Dan Cesareo, Lucilla D’Agostino, John Zito, Rick Hankey, and Pat Twist contributed as Big Fish Executive Producers for "Rescue Cam." Elaine Frontain Bryant, Shelly Tatro, and Sean Gottlieb are Executive Producers for A&E. “I Survived a Crime” is produced by Law&Crime Productions for A&E Network. Dan Abrams, Rachel Stockman, Karla Hidalgo, and Michel Bryant worked  as executive producers for Law&Crime and Elaine Frontain Bryant, Shelly Tatro, and Sean Gottlieb serve as executive producers for A&E.

Forming part of a non-fiction programming expansion, “I Survived a Crime,” hosted by award-winning reporter Gio Benitez, shows various experiences where individuals suffered as victims of a sudden crime, from the moment those attacked first perceive the danger through the potential long-lasting effects. Using surveillance and cell phone footage captured during the crime, the series follows individuals going about their daily lives who were confronted with a dangerous situation and forced to make a quick decision on how to protect themselves or their families. The twenty-episode series will premiere with back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, 27th January at 10 pm ET/PT.  

Hosted by Matt Iseman, “Rescue Cam” highlights human and animal rescues carried out by both professional and citizen heroes with the use of footage captured on cell phones, bodycams, dash cams, and security cameras that showcase the outrageous, at times comical, and often unimaginable rescues happening every day. “Court Cam" has been ranked the number one show on Thursday nights among adults ages 25-54* during its first run, will return for its third season. This season will showcase moments caught on camera, further supported by interviews with judges, witnesses, bystanders, and victims.