9 OCT 2020


The developments in brand identity, inspired by CBS’s 91-year history and created to strengthen the network's consistency and clarity, will be showcased starting this week, in advance of the upcoming fall season.


CBS has revealed changes in its brand identity, intentioned to evolve, simplifies, and elevates the look and feels of all its divisions across platforms. “CBS has long been one of the most unifying brands in media, bringing people together from all walks of life. Vibrant, trusted, inviting, inclusive, a connector with heart," Benson said. "We needed to make that clearer and more consistent at every consumer touchpoint."

The plan for the strategy's implementation was developed by Benson and his team with agency Gretel. The developments aim to create stronger consistency and clarity across all divisions and platforms. The fresh brand identity for entertainment programming debuted on the Network this week in advance of the upcoming fall season. The modifications will be showcased on content such as CBS News leading up to the 2020 election and CBS Sports' broadcast of Super Bowl LV on Sunday, 7th Feburary 2021. Similar iterations are being developed for CBS Television Stations and CBS Television Distribution. “We are defining every aspect of the CBS brand to make it more meaningful for existing and new consumers, regardless of where they encounter the brand," Benson said.

The brand identity is inspired by CBS’s 91-year history, with key visual and audio elements from the past integrated into the new aesthetic. The ubiquitous CBS Eye logo remains central to the new identity in a unique animated way. The voiceover “This is CBS,” which was used for decades in the Company’s radio and television broadcasts beginning nearly a century ago, is another example of memorable legacy elements playing a strong role moving forward.

To reflect its role as a prominent content creator for all platforms more accurately, CBS Television Studios, leading with more than 70 series currently in production across broadcast and cable networks, streaming services, and other emerging platforms, has been renamed CBS Studios. The new elements of the conglomerate's rebranding strategy include a new "look, feel, and sound." New elements of the CBS brand strategy and its evolved look, feel, and sound, Brand attribution will be applied to programming and promotion that drives the better connection between the CBS core brand, its sub-brands, and avaialble premium content. CBS-owned content on its platforms will now be tagged with “CBS Original,” “CBS News,” “CBS Sports” or “CBS Presents."

Content produced by CBS Studios will also include “A CBS Studios Production” and CBS Studios branded marks. An audio expression of the updated brand identity will be shown in the form of the “This is CBS” voiceover slogan that will appear at the top of the hour during primetime programming on CBS. Unified logos and graphics that simplify and closely identify CBS as the core brand across divisions. Updated avatars and watermarks to be used across all CBS social media handles.


We are defining every aspect of the CBS brand to make it more meaningful for existing and new consumers, regardless of where they encounter the brand.” Mike Benson President, Chief Marketing Officer, CBS