28 JUN 2024

GMA Network Chairman Felipe Gozon was recognized as "Communicator of the Year"

The award of the International Association of Business Communicators recognizes his contributions to the field of communication and underscores his pivotal role in transforming GMA into a powerhouse.

28 JUN 2024

Felipe L Gozon

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GMA Network Chairman Felipe L Gozon was honored by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Asia Pacific as 2024 Communicator of the Year (COTY) in the Executive Leader category. The award recognizes his contributions to the field of communication and underscores his pivotal role in transforming GMA into the powerhouse it is today and in changing the landscape of Philippine broadcast media.

"This award is meaningful as it recognizes the crucial role of communication in business. Communication—strategic, inclusive, and rooted in truth—is a cornerstone of a successful enterprise. Well-crafted and inspiring, it has the power to move minds and hearts," said Gozon.

As one of Asia's top broadcast CEOs, Gozon's leadership led to the phenomenal rise of GMA Network to the multi-billion peso, dominant industry force it is today that leads in ratings, revenues, and reach. The visionary Gozon transformed GMA into one of the largest, most trusted, and most profitable media conglomerates today, all while keeping his reputation in an industry that walks the tightrope of economic, political, and social issues.

"Having worked closely with Atty. Gozon, I witnessed first-hand his genuine communication style," GMA Network Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Communications Angela Javier-Cruz shares. "As a GMA Network executive, he maintains an open line with stakeholders, consistently listening and responding to their feedback, which underscores his commitment to integrity and fairness. These values have shaped GMA Network into a pillar of responsible and impartial journalism, earning trust nationwide."

"Atty. Gozon's dedication to communication is also evident in his personal reading of employee letters, which used to come from suggestion boxes at the GMA Network Center and later through an online portal during the pandemic," she continues. "So when we speak of communication as a two-way system, Atty. Gozon embodies it, and leads by example. He gives his full attention to issues raised by executives, stakeholders, and employees alike, and responds to ensure all voices are heard and valued."

In an interview with IABC, Gozon gave this advice to young and tenured communications professionals: "Always stick to the truth in communicating information and reporting news. Report the news in a strictly objective and unbiased manner, and try to be at the forefront and the leader in the ever-changing and ever-evolving communication landscape. And study the operations of your enterprise. This will enable you to craft communication that is rooted in the context of your organization."

Gozon is the third consecutive winner from the Philippines to win the IABC Asia Pacific COTY Award in the Executive Leader Category. As GMA sets out to reach more audiences globally and provide world-class entertainment and trusted news and information across multiple platforms, Gozon promises that "GMA Network will continue to uphold its dedication to integrity and public service, continuously crafting programs that showcase and bring the best of the Filipino spirit to the world."