9 JUL 2024

GMA Network's "Widows' War" is a hit in the Philippines

Based on Nielsen NUTAM TV Household Ratings data, the pilot episode garnered a 12.1% rating, or an audience share of 34.9%.

9 JUL 2024

"Widows' War"

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GMA Network has premiere "Widows' War" drama series last July 1, 2024 and the pilot episode garnered a 12.1% rating, or an audience share of 34.9%. "Widows' War" blends drama, deceit, passion, and intrigue, and promises unforgettable journey featuring characters fighting for love and survival.

Bea Alonzo ("Love Before Sunrise") and Carla Abellana ("My Husband’s Lover") play Samantha “Sam” Castillo-Palacios and Georgina “George” Balay-Palacios, former best friends who turn against each other following an unfortunate incident that changes their lives forever.

Sam is a talented and driven interior designer. She finds herself in the middle of chaos after she accidentally kills her husband, Paco, during an argument. Unknown to Sam, her cousin-in-law saw and recorded the incident. He uses the video to blackmail Sam and asks her to kill his wife, George. The night Sam is about to poison her cousin-in-law’s wife, she gets cold feet and backs out. But that same night, Basil dies from the substance that is supposed to kill George.

Sam’s dying brother, Francis, gets jailed because the drug used to murder Basil is the same as his medication for cancer. Sam leaves no stone unturned just to prove his brother's innocence. As Sam tries to find the real culprit, she discovers more lies and secrets about Paco and his family.