18 NOV 2022

GMA News rebrands as GMA Integrated News

GMA Integrated News integrates the newsrooms of GMA News, GMA Regional TV News, and GMA News Online.


GMA Network has unified GMA News Manila, GMA Regional TV, and GMA News Online under the name of GMA Integrated News, that will connect the entire Philippine archipelago and transcends platforms to serve Filipinos wherever they may be.

“Through GMA Integrated News, we are evolving into a dynamic multi-media global newsroom – integrating the newsrooms of GMA News, GMA Regional TV News, and GMA News Online – while staying true to the journalistic principles and confronting the challenges faced by media organizations in this Digital age. GMA Integrated News is another testament to GMA Network’s goal of serving our real boss – the Filipino people. Wherever you are in the Philippines and abroad, no matter where you are from, and what language you speak – we are one,” says GMA Integrated News Acting Head Oliver Victor B. Amoroso.

With more than 60 news teams and a network of more than 60 stringers based in NCR, key cities, and provinces across the Philippines, and territories around the globe, plus a growing pool of online writers and reporters, GMA Integrated News brings not only the breaking news and latest information, but also the much-needed public service to viewers on air and online.

With GMA Integrated News, GMA Network reinforces its commitment to delivering only the best news coverage and public service to Filipinos everywhere and on whatever platform.