24 AUG 2022

Paramount secures deal with Globo to acquire "Pantanal"

The Brazilian telenovela is scheduled to broadcast on the premium streaming platform Paramount+ in Latin America, Telefe in Argentina, and Chilevisión in Chile.


Paramount has entered a deal with Globo, the main producer of content in Portuguese in Latin America, for the acquisition of the rights to the telenovela, "Pantanal." “Pantanal is a strategic production because it has a story with enormous potential, with a narrative that breaks limits, that attracts and resonates with different audiences," Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo, said. "In addition, it can be shown in different windows, as is the case with this association, which covers streaming and broadcast television. Not to mention that its technical quality reinforces Globo's position as a reference content producer."

The title is set to broadcast on the premium streaming platform Paramount+ in Latin America and the leading broadcast television channels Telefe, in Argentina, and Chilevisión, in Chile. In addition, there will be special content about the telenovela on Paramount's leading free streaming television platform, Pluto TV. “We are always looking for the best content for Paramount+, both when we produce and when we seek quality content from partners to integrate into our screens, and Pantanal is a clear reflection of that,” assured Natalia Juliao, VP of Content and Programming Strategy, Streaming at Paramount.

"Pantanal" premiered in March of this year, in the prime time of Brazilian broadcast television and is the production with the highest audience in the country, reaching 35.8 million people per day, reaching all audiences.  "The power of our ecosystem with streaming, linear and digital television will give this content, which is an absolute success in Brazil, unique visibility and a large audience throughout Latin America," added Guillermo Pendino, VP Brand Head of Telefe and Chilevisión in Paramount Hub Latam Sur.

The telenovela follows the story of a young man who, after the mysterious disappearance of his father, Joventino , the farmhand José Leôncio becomes a rich farmer in the Pantanal. Over twenty years have passed and, embittered by the disappearance of his father and the flight of his wife to Rio de Janeiro with their baby son, José Leôncio has the opportunity to reconcile with the child, now a young man who was raised in the big city with values and habits very different from his father’s. Directed by Rogério Gomes, the series cast features Alanis Guillen as Juma Marruá, Marcos Palmeira as José Leôncio , Jesuíta Barbosa as Jove and Dira Paes as Filomena Aparecida.


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