23 SEP 2022

Rodolphe Belmer will become the new TF1 Chief Executive Officer

Gilles Pélisson, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of TF1 group will propose this appointment in the next Board meeting.


Rodolphe Belmer


Gilles Pélisson, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of TF1 group, will propose at the Board meeting in October, Rodolphe Belmer be appointed as Chief Executive Officer. On that date, the functions of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer will be split.
Gilles Pélisson will become Chairman of the Board of Directors until the Board meeting of February 13th 2023, when it would be proposed that Rodolphe Belmer becomes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TF1 group. Gilles Pélisson will then join the Bouygues group as Senior Vice President in charge of Media and Development.

Gilles Pélisson: “I am delighted that Rodolphe Belmer, whom I have known for many years, has accepted my offer to join TF1 group, and wish him every success in his role. His track record at the head of several leading French multinationals, and his experience in media and streaming, mean he is ideally prepared to meet the challenges we face and to steer the long-term development of the TF1 group.”

Olivier Roussat: “I would like to thank Gilles, who has successfully led a profound transformation of TF1 group over the past seven years. With Gilles at the helm, the Group has strengthened its market-leading position in news and content. Gilles has also developed MYTF1 into an outstanding online platform, and built a first-rate production hub in France and internationally with Newen Studios. As we agreed in May 2021, he will join the Group’s holding company in February 2023 once he has passed the baton to Rodolphe Belmer.”

Rodolphe Belmer: “I would like to thank Gilles Pélisson and Olivier Roussat for their welcome, and for their trust. I am delighted to be joining a group that I admire, staffed with world-class people. I’m convinced that together we will be able to meet the multiple challenges of the new media landscape, and open up new development and growth prospects for TF1 group in the digital era."