Annecy MIFA 2024: Mediawan Kids & Family announced a new slate of productions

Mediawan is partnering with companies like Good Hero, TF1, France Télévisions, BBC, Sun & Moon, Method Animation, among others, to create new kids & family content.

11 JUN 2024

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Mediawan Kids & Family announced at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival a new slate of production alongside new partners. One of this projects is co-production with Good Hero for the series “Tales of the Miruu: Vet Explorers” (Method Animation). This series comes within the framework of the strategic partnership signed between Mediawan and Good Hero in 2022, becoming their first co-production.

Moreover, the company is co-developing with French broadcaster TF1 a series based on the iconic Osamu Tezuka's character “Astroboy” (Method Animation). Katell France, Managing Director and Head of Content at Method Animation, said: "We are thrilled to develop the reboot of Astroboy, the iconic character created by Osamu Tezuka, with our longstanding partner TF1, who has been a key partner on the success of Miraculous franchise. This new series we’re developing around this unique character, whose values such as the coexistence of technology and nature, tolerance, and friendship perfectly embody Mediawan Kids & Family values, while aligning with our strategy of creating major franchises for kids & families. We are excited to bring ‘Astroboy’ back to life through this reboot, with new stories our audiences can relate to."

Yann Labasque, Director, Youth Programming, at TF1, added: "Welcome to ‘Astroboy’ in the TFou family! We are delighted to launch the development of this new animated series with Mediawan Kids & Family. A series full of promises of action and adventure, but also emotions through the eyes of this little robot boy with a human heart who must find his place in a divided society and the solutions within himself. These are themes that offer great stories to tell and wonderful values to convey.”

Mediawan Kids & Family has also joined forces with France Télévisions to produce the series “Tuff Pom” (Wildseed Studios x Method Animation), and with BBC and Sun & Moon to bring the series “Duck & Frog” to international audiences.

Moreover, through Method Animation, the company is producing new originals and IP adaptations such as “Pango”, a 2D new original preschool series based on the game app by Studio Pango, and “Masked Cinderella”, an adventure series where classic fairy tales meet the modern day. At Somewhere Animation, there are 2D projects such as the new cartoon/sitcom “Chococat & Me”. Finally, Elliott Studio, specialized in live-action shows for youth and family, is working on “League of Light”, a series in co-production with the British label Wildseed Studios.

At Wildseed Studios, the company is working on “Tuff Pom”, in co-production with Method Animation for France Télévisions. The series is a warm-hearted, sibling comedy about two Pomeranian brothers, Tuff Pom and Pompeii, and what happens when their parents retire, leaving them in charge of the family run shop.

Submarine is developing new premium series “Infinite Kung Fu”, a 2D action/adventure series for adults, and “Kiranmalla”, a 3D adventure/comedy for kids based on book series by Sayantani DasGupta.

Finally, Mediawan Kids & Family Distribution announced third-party acquisitions such as BBC’s series “Duck and Frog”, a dialogue free slapstick comedy and “Maddie + Triggs”, a unique series that tells the adventures of a visually impaired young girl and her dog.