Banijay Rights confirms the return of "Survivor" to Colombia

RCN has agreed to produce the new adaptation, titled "La ISla de los Famosos" after a 15-year hiatus.

16 NOV 2022

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Banijay Rights recently confirmed the return of adventure reality format "Survivor" to Colombia, as MIP Cancun draws to a close in Mexico today. Following a 15-year hiatus, Colombian broadcaster RCN will produce a new adaptation of Survivor to air in 2023 entitled Survivor, "La Isla de los Famosos."

The agreement was brokered by Michelle Wasserman, SVP Latam, USH & Brazil, Banijay Rights. “More than 15 years has passed since Survivor last graced television screens in Colombia, so we are thrilled to secure this deal and work with RCN to revive this world-famous format," Wasserman said.

The deal serves as the latest of its kind following recent news of a return of the program to the UK, with Remarkable Entertainment taking on production tasks for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. "Canal RCN has proven to have the capacity and production team made up of experts in making amazing and challenging formats, which is why we are very proud to bring back to our screen a format like "Survivor, la Isla de los Famosos," which fits very well with our purpose of continuing to create entertaining content for the whole family," Eugenia Vélez, VP of Programming and Marketing of RCN, said. 

A Banijay format created by Charlie Parsons, "Survivor" is one of the most watched reality entertainment formats worldwide. Celebrating 25 years this year, (the format was first employed in 1997 in Sweden), the show has gone on to be ranked as the ‘Number 1 Best Reality Show of All Time’ by Variety. A total of 50 versions and more than 350 series have been commissioned around the world to date, and the CBS version of the show from the USA is currently airing its 43rd series.

In the show, contestants are divided in two tribes and fight in daily challenges for immunity and other advantages. After each immunity challenge, one team needs to see one of their own eliminated and on the way home. It is a tough competition and there is only one Survivor: the one that goes home with the title and the big award.