14 OCT 2020


The show, originally produced by FIfty Fathoms for Channel 4 for its 5th October premiere, will stream on the platform starting Monday starting this December.


Banijay Rights announced a distriubtion deal with WarnerMedia's HBO Max, through which the streaming platform acquired drama series, “Adult Material.” The drama series launched on Channel 4 on Monday 5th October, and will stream on HBO Max this December. “We are thrilled Adult Material has been secured for HBO Max," EVP of Sales, Co-productions, and Acquisitions, Matt Creasey, said. "This outstanding drama is storytelling at its finest with exceptional performances all-round."

The deal for the series, originally produced by Fifty Fathoms for Channel 4, was negotiated by Creasey“To secure this deal before the UK series has finished airing is a testament to the excellence of this program,” Creasey said.

Hayley Squires from "Collateral," "The Miniaturist," "I," and "Daniel Blake," plays leading British pornstar Jolene Dollar in the series. The four-part series tells a story that asks crucial questions related to sex in the age of the internet, the blurring of fantasy and reality, and economic choices for women. The series is directed by Dawn Shadforth and written by Lucy Kirkwood, who also served as executive producer alongisde Patrick Spence. Patrick Spence and Sara Hamill produced the show.

In "Adult Material," Jolene juggles motherhood and her career as a poster girl for the sex industry. The show reflects a human debate about one woman’s journey away from porn, and towards sex. 


We are thrilled 'Adult Material' has been secured for HBO Max. This outstanding drama is storytelling at its finest with exceptional performances all-round.” Matt Creasey EVP, Sales, Co-productions, & Acquisitions, Banijay Rights