The TV series "Nudes" is the Italian remake of the acclaimed Norwegian teen drama and will be directed by Laura Luchetti.


Laura Luchetti, "Nudes" director


Bim Produzione, a Wild Bunch Group Company, starts production of the TV series "Nudes", the Italian remake of the acclaimed Norwegian teen drama, in collaboration with Rai Fiction. Principal photography just started in the Bologna area, with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

"Nudes" is a Rai Play original series and tells the stories of a group of teenagers who are confronted with the online disclosure of sexual images, recounting the insidious world of social media with an intimate language and from the viewpoint of its young protagonists.

"Nudes" is an anthology series which tackles the theme of revenge porn with a realistic and modern gaze directed at teenagers, but one that also opens the eyes of an adult audience to the dangers of the relationship between the internet and the sexuality of young people. The aim is to narrate the consequences of a gesture often made carelessly, without awareness. Its strength is doing it from the point of view of young people. Without filters, with disarming, harsh, and moving sincerity, without blaming either those who commit the gesture or those who endure it but showing how thought and judgment on such things are still unripe for teenagers. 

The series will feature 10X20 minutes episodes and will be directed by Laura Luchetti, who, with Fiore Gemello (Twin Flower), has achieved great international success by becoming one of the four directors who represented Italy at the EFA (European Film Awards 2019), after being warmly welcomed by the Toronto Film Festival, the London Film Festival and the parallel section of the Rome Film Festival, Alice nella città.

“'Nudes' is a project I care a lot about because it gives me the opportunity to depict in an in-depth and realistic way the "revenge porn" phenomenon, an existing alarming reality among young people. It's an honor to work on one of Rai Play's first original series and I'd like to thank Bim Produzione and the Wild Bunch Group for allowing me to direct it,” says Laura Luchetti.

The original series was a success in Norway for spotlighting the problems faced by new generations related to the misuse of social media and for winning the awards for Best Youth Program and Best Original Music at Gullruten, Norway's most prestigious television award.

Distributed by Wild Bunch TV, the original series has already been sold in many countries, BBC Three channel has picked up the UK rights to Norwegian drama "Nudes" as its first foreign-language drama. The remake rights were secured by Wild Bunch TV and licensed to BIM Produzione.