The Canada Media Fund and Telefilm Canada will participate together one more time to show four screen-based projects that include diversity in many ways and help to open the hearts and minds of children around the world.

11 OCT 2019

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The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and Telefilm Canada are teaming up once again to present a series of events at MIPJunior and Mipcom. The two funding organizations are bringing a group of Canadian producers to showcase four screen-based projects which portray diversity in many forms.

“Canada’s creators and storytellers are gifted with a wealth of talent and diversity of perspectives that are as vast as our country,” said Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF. “The four projects we’re featuring at MIPJunior are excellent examples of Canadian content that helps open the hearts and minds of children around the world. We’re celebrating the power and beauty of diversity, but we also aim to harness the full potential that it brings. Thanks to our rich cultural diversity, Canada continues leading in the production of educational and compelling kids’ content that reaches audiences around the world.”

“Together with the CMF, we’ve brought an exceptional lineup of Canadian creators, content producers, and distributors for this year’s Mipcom,” said Christa Dickenson, Executive Director, Telefilm Canada.


In a session entitled “Celebrating the Power and Beauty of Diversity”, Shabnam Rezaei, President & Co-Founder of Big Bad Boo Studios will speak about the star-studded “Bravest Knight”, a 13-episode animated series that features a LGBTQ main character. Judith Beauregard, Executive Producer and Co-CEO of Tobo will present “Dounia”, a six-episode animated series that explores the crisis of immigration and displaced children from the eyes of a young girl named Dounia, who leaves Syria with her grandparents on a quest for asylum.

Jerry Thevenet, Writer, Director, Producer at JerryCo Animation will speak about “Dreamcatchers”. This Indigenous, 26-episode, animated series tells the tales of “a group of Indigenous kids who use their ancestral super powers to battle evil in the form of a large corporation threatening their traditional way of life.” Colin Van Loon, Director of Coyote Science will showcase “Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show”, a 13-episode series that uses both live action and animation. The science series encourages Indigenous youth to find out about the science of the world from an Indigenous perspective and is available in English and Hul’qumi’num.


Telefilm Canada, in partnership with the Canada Media Fund (CMF), will host some 80 Canadian companies at Mipcom. Other initiatives include a series of networking events, such as a matchmaking session between French and Canadian women producers, organized in collaboration with Médiaclub’Elles.  To highlight Canada’s coproduction treaty with Argentina and in light of the CMF’s recent international incentive with this South American country, Canada will host a special networking activity for Argentinian and Canadian participants in the international market.

An additional business development and networking activity will be hosted in collaboration with Creative Europe, with a focus on treaty partners Luxembourg and Belgium, whose treaty now includes television. Telefilm and the Canada Media Fund will be on hand to facilitate business between producers.