"Secret Nazi Expeditions" reveals the work ofan elite team of scientists and scholars established by SS leader Heinrich Himmler and will be distributed by Cineflix Rights.

22 JUL 2021

Lhasa, SS expedition receiving Tibetan dignitaries (Courtesy of Bundersarchiv, Bild 135-KA-10-072)

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Production company Go Button Media announces that Canada’s Super Channel has commissioned its new 6 x 60 history documentary series, "Secret Nazi Expeditions", and that Cineflix Rights is onboard as its international distribution partner, with an initial focus on pre-sales.

"Secret Nazi Expeditions" reveals the shocking work ofan elite team of scientists and scholars established by SS leader Heinrich Himmler. For over a decade, this secretive team scoured the globe, mounting expeditions to extreme and harsh locations in search of the origin of the Aryan race and seeking to collect ancient artefacts in the name of Hitler’s “thousand-year Reich”. It was believed some of these mystical relics would give the Nazis an edge in the war and enable them to rewrite history.

Daniel Oron, Go Button Media co-founder and executive producer on the series says: “Super Channel has been an incredibly supportive broadcaster to our business this year, so we couldn’t be more pleased to move into production with them on this second history series. We are also thrilled to be working with Cineflix Rights for the first time. The team was extremely enthusiastic about this new series from the first conversation and, given Cineflix’s impressive track record and extensive international network, I have every confidence that 'Secret Nazi Expeditions' will soon find a raft of excellent homes across the world.”

Jackie Pardy, chief content officer from Super Channel, comments: “Go Button Media has a knack for producing compelling and accessible documentary programming and we are excited to build on our existing relationship with this new series. Drawing on new evidence and original research, combined with expert commentary, rare archive film, contemporary footage and stylish recreations, 'Secret Nazi Expeditions' will undoubtedly prove a big hit with our viewers.”

Richard Life, head of acquisitions at Cineflix Rights says: “World War II is always one of the most popular subjects in the history genre, but fresh stories like this can be difficult to find. Go Button Media, with its track record for in-depth, well-researched documentary storytelling, will deliver a fascinating expedition series revealing the lengths the Nazis went to ‘prove’ the Aryan history they claimed. We are therefore delighted to back 'Secret Nazi Expeditions', our first venture with Go Button Media, and the latest beneficiary of our financing to greenlight strategy.”

"Secret Nazi Expeditions", which is soon to begin production, is Go Button Media’s second Super Channel Fuse Original commission this year, following World War Two series "Forgotten Frontlines" (6x60), which has been co-commissioned by SBS Australia and Off The Fence.