Content Americas 2023: Globo to present a new content slate

The slate includes recent releases such as the telenovelas, "Crossed Paths," "Land of Desire," and "Perfect Love."

9 JAN 2024

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Globo confirmed plans to participate in Content Americas, with its main products and recent releases such as the telenovelas, "Crossed Paths," "Land of Desire," and "Perfect Love." “Content Americas is the first event of 2024 and we will reinforce all our possibilities and business solutions in this market," Angela Colla, Head of International Business and Coproductions said. "Our telenovelas have a lot of recognition, mainly in Latin America, and we continue to launch our successes."

In addition to telenovelas and Globoplay Originals, Globo has also invested in the title formats sale such as "The Favorite," "The Life We Lead," "Hidden Truths,""Above Justice" and "Where My Heart Is." The company will also be present at the event through panels and a screening of a new series. "And it is important to highlight that we have a varied portfolio, with series, documentaries, as well as formats that can be adapted for local productions," Colla said. "These are titles to win over all types of audiences, with themes that the audience is looking for. In addition, Content Americas is also an opportunity to have talks with potential partners aiming at co-production projects.”

Among the telenovelas, one of the highlights is "Crossed Paths." Currently airing on TV Globo, the production tells the story of seven friends played by Isabel Teixeira, Thalita Carauta, Deborah Secco, Karine Teles, Mariana Santos, Maria Clara Spinelli, and Késia. Written by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson, and with artistic direction by Amora Mautner, "Crossed Paths" is a reinterpretation of the novel of the same name that was created in the 1980s by Cassiano Gabus Mendes. “I have a very strong emotional connection with 'Crossed Paths' because it is the first telenovela I remember actually following, watching all the episodes. It was the telenovela that made me want to keep watching telenovelas," Alessandro Marson said.

Globoplay Originals series "The End," "Carved In Stone," the working title, "Living On A Razor’s Edge," (working title), "Vicky And The Muse" (working title) and 'Monica and Friends: how it all began' will be presented for the first time to the international market during Content Americas. Created and written by Fernanda Torres, and with artistic direction by Andrucha Waddington, "The End" follows a group of friends, and their joys, madness, and frustrations, over four decades. The series features names such as Fabio Assunção, Marjorie Estiano and David Junior.

"Carved In Stone" is a documentary series that delves into the illegal gambling underworld, in Rio de Janeiro. With an operation that takes place along the mafia lines, it involves stories of influential families with internal fights for power, fraud, betrayal, revenge, and murders. The attraction is artistically supervised by Pedro Bial ('Xuxa, A life on TV), and artistically directed by Monica Almeida. “It always impressed me that, in the 21st century, an illegal activity still operated in broad daylight on any corner of the city and, above all, maintained a typical mafia structure," Series creator, Fellipe Awi said. "In addition to the territories division, there is this business leadership almost monarchical tradition passed from father to eldest son.”

"Living On A Razors Edge" is inspired by the sociologist Herbert de Souza's trajectory. Starring Julio Andrade, the biographical dramaturgical work portrays his fight for great social causes. On his path, Betinho faced AIDS, the military dictatorship, hemophilia, and many other personal obstacles, but he chose the population's hunger as his main enemy. Created by José Junior, the series was produced by AfroReggae Audiovisual, in partnership with Formata Produções e Conteúdo and Globoplay.      “I had Betinho as a hero, but I did not see myself close to that character. As I am driven by challenges, I accepted it at first glance. The set was extremely collaborative and affectionate, and the scenes were emotionally charged. It was never just a scene, they were permeated with stories," reflects Julio, who, in addition to starring, also directed the attraction with Lipe Binder.

Aimed at a younger audience, "Vicky and The Muse" was the first musical created by Estúdios Globo. Written by Rosane Svartman, and artistic direction by Marcus Figueiredo, it tells the story of Vicky, who has been sad since her best friend Luara decided to leave her aside. She vents in the neighborhood square and will have her cry for help answered by Euterpe, music’s muse. Having helping countless artists, the daughter of Zeus arrives on Earth with just one purpose: to inspire Vicky and, through her, other people. “Everyone has a film that marked their life, a song that reminds them of someone special, a book that they have never forget," Rosane said. "This is a series not only about who makes art, but about how we are permeable to it and to culture as a whole, and how this makes us understand ourselves in this world, as well as understand each other better. Art makes us human."

"Monica and Friends: how it all began" is based on Maurício de Sousa’s work and follows one of the most loved groups of friends of Brazilian children' s imagination. Monica (Giulia Benite), Cebolinha (Kevin Vechiatto), Magali (Laura Rauseo), Cascão (Gabriel Moreira), and Milena (Emilly Nayara) are the main suspects of sabotage at Carminha Frufru's (Luiza Gattai) party and need to overcome their insecurities to decipher the mystery. “The challenge was to mature the dramaturgy according to this new phase: entering adolescence. Topics such as standards, the search for perfection, and vulnerability were our guides in the scripts, in addition to the famous questions: 'who am I now?' and 'should I adapt to what everyone expects of me at this stage?', which were said all the time in the writers room”, Director Daniel Rezende said.