Delta Star Pictures' “Joachim and the Apocalypse” private screening was a hit in Italy

The movie screening was heald at Cinecittà Studios and it will soon be another private screening at the Vatican, to present it to Pope Francis.

2 MAY 2024

"Joachim and the Apocalypse"

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On Wednesday 24th April in the afternoon, the private screening of the film, “Joachim and the Apocalypse”, produced by Delta Star Pictures was held at Cinecittà (Rome). The film was inspired by the life and philosophy of Joachim of Fiore and produced by Delta Star Pictures under the direction of Jordan River.

Numerous institutional, ecclesiastical and cultural personalities travelled to Rome to watch the film. Also in attendance were the Councillor of Roma Capitale Monica Lucarelli, the President of the Province of Cosenza Rosaria Succurro, the Mayor of San Giovanni in Fiore, and the Vice President of the Culture Commission for the Lazio Region, Edy Palazzi.

The screening of the film was followed by closing speeches by President Rosaria Succurro, who also presented the director with the official medal of the International City of Joachim of Fiore Award, and the commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission, Anton Giulio Grande, who said, “This is an important project in which the film commission has put a lot of faith”, emphasising that “Joachim of Fiore is a truly contemporary character” and then congratulated the director on having captured the breathtaking landscapes.

Even Edy Palazzi, Councilor of the Lazio Region spoke on stage, “The whole film is beautiful, but what is particularly special is that it has a certain humility, something that we have lost sight of these days”. Finally, she also congratulated the director, still elated by the emotion of the film’s cinematography: “It was beautiful, just beautiful. The film will definitely do well, because everything about it is engaging”.

Also in attendance were several authoritative ecclesiastical figures from the Vatican, such as Monsignor Paolo Braida (one of Pope Francis’ closest associates since the beginning of his pontificate), Postulator Don Enzo Gabrieli and numerous bishops, as well as the President of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, Monsignor Antonio Staglianò, who also congratulated the director. Taking the stage after the screening, he commented “we need films like these” and emphasised that “the film goes to the heart of certain concepts...”. He also thanked the director and suggested he consider a private screening in the Vatican in order to present it to Pope Francis.

All of the institutions present, as well as the many academics and scholars, some of whom had also come from abroad, were able to grasp that this work is not just a biographical film, but that, taking its cue from ancient writings, it has become a metaphysical journey into the imaginary Apocalypse described by the biblical exegete and founder of the Florentine Order. Paradoxically, the film saw both believers and atheists united in their emotional reaction, as there were also intellectuals, philosophers and non-believers in the audience.

It took no less than five years to complete the research, development, shooting and post-production stages for the film. Inspired by Joachim’s Trinitarian circles, several innovations have been incorporated into the film, including the development of the narrative on three levels: historical (because it narrates real events), spiritual (because it deals with the transcendent world) and fantasy (because it investigates the world of dreams and the otherworldly journey of man).

The film’s screenplay, which philosopher Andrea Tagliapietra also collaborated on, won first prize at the Best Script Award 2024 in London. In addition to lead actor Francesco Turbanti and actress Elisabetta Pellini as Queen Constance of Hauteville, the cast also includes international names such as Australian-British actor Bill Hutchens as the Cabbalist and American actor Nikolay Moss (2017 Emmy Award winner) as King Richard I of England.

The film is scheduled for release in December 2024, to coincide with the start of the Holy Year and It was funded by the Ministry of Culture, the Calabria Film Commission Foundation, the Lazio Region and several Credit Institutes. Anumber of organisations throughout Europe and abroad are already requesting the film, because they want to organise event screenings in various territories in the coming year.

The film’s production was supported by a talented and internationally acclaimed crew and professionals, including Vittorio Sodano (two Oscar nominations for “Apocalypto” by Mel Gibson and “Il Divo” by Sorrentino), Director of Photography Gianni Mammolotti (DoP on numerous films), Set Designer Davide De Stefano (Production Designer for American production “Voice from the Stone” by E.D. Howell), Digital Visual Effects Supervisor Nicola Sganga (veteran of FX and winner of two David di Donatello awards), Sound Engineer Gianfranco Tortora (whose career spans over 140 Italian films), Costume Designer Daniele Gelsi (referred to as the craftsman of history) and Michele Josia who, having already won a coveted Emmy Award in 2021, went on to win again last month at the Global Music Awards in the USA for the soundtrack of this film, and Cinecittà technicians such as Ivan Tozzi (Digital Colourist on over 200 films).