Delta Star Pictures announces film inspired of the founder of the Florensians order

“Joachim and the Apocalypse” shot in ultra-high 12K resolution is inspired by the life of Joachim of Fiore, and starring by Italian Francesco Turbanti and American Nikolay Moss.

15 DEC 2022

“Joachim and the Apocalypse”

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Delta Star Pictures finished the shooting of “Joachim and the Apocalypse,” a work inspired by the life of Joachim of Fiore, founder of the Florensians order. Filming in the Lazio region, the movie is directed by Jordan River and starring by Italian Francesco Turbanti, who plays Joachim of Fiore and American Nikolay Moss, in the role of King Richard I of England.

Turbanti is Joachim, the son of a wealthy family who leaves everything behind to become a pilgrim, a mendicant, a Cistercian monk, a biblical exegete, and the founder of the Florensians order. He has mystical experiences and thus begins to develop early insights, prophesying the coming of a new era in human history. He writes on the Apocalypse authorized by Pope Lucius III. His ideas transcend space and time; after 400 years they reach Michelangelo Buonarroti, who draws inspiration from them to create The Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel. After a trip to the Holy Land with the Crusaders Joachim decided to change his life. He returned to Italy and reached Rome and Casamari. He entered the Cistercian monastery where he received the tonsure, a true ritual that projects man into the divine world.

The film, shot in ultra-high 12K resolution, is produced by Delta Star Pictures, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Calabria Film Commission and it will be the first international film inspired by the figure of Joachim of Fiore, whom Dante Alighieri described as “endowed with a prophetic spirit”.

The film, says the director, will also appeal to atheists because it does not focus on miracles, but explores human experiences. Joachim – Latin names will be used in the film – investigates the ultimate meaning of life and thus becomes the “prophet” of hope, the philosopher of human existence, the saint of non-believers.

Several Italian names are part of the cast, including actor Giancarlo Martini (already co-starring in the film "Freaks Out") as well as actress Elisabetta Pellini, who played the role of Queen Constance of Altavilla.