Eccho Rights to globally distribute a new Turkish drama, “Winds of Love”

The company has acquired the international distribution rights for the recently premiered drama, currently airing on Kanal 7 in Turkey and co-produced by Rain Pictures and Unik Film.

19 FEB 2024

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The Swedish distribution company Eccho Rights has acquired the international representation rights for the Turkish drama "Winds of Love," currently airing on the Turkish channel Kanal 7. This adds another item to the extensive list of products from the said broadcaster.

Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights, stated about the high quality of the show: "Following the overwhelming global success of our daily dramas, we are delighted to renew our collaboration with Kanal 7 for 'Winds of Love.' This partnership is a testament to our commitment to bringing high-quality Turkish dramas to the international stage. Viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as Halil and Zeynep's journey navigates the complexities of revenge and love," she noted.

The daily series is co-produced by the British company Rain Pictures and the Turkish Unik FIlms. It unfolds the story of Zeynep and Halil, a resilient young man grappling with betrayal and seeking revenge against the family that tore apart his world. As he executes his plan precisely, an unforeseen twist arises when he becomes romantically entangled with Zeynep, the strong-willed daughter of his enemies. In the intricate dance between vengeance and unexpected love, every episode unravels the complexities of their journey, raising questions about the true cost of revenge and the resilience of the human heart.

As mentioned earlier, Eccho Rights represents several Kanal 7 daily dramas: all of them have brought good results. Some examples of this could be: "Elif', which ran for five seasons and 1125 episodes sold to more than 60 territories, "The Promise" (2019-2022, 836 eps), "Legacy" (2020-present, 1115 eps), and "Redemption" (2022-present, 480 eps).