Electric's “Leverage: Redemption” goes to the U.K., Africa and Hong Kong

Electric Entertainment hit series was picked up by IMDb TV; NBCUniversal International Networks & DTC and Now TV.

5 NOV 2021

“Leverage: Redemption"

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Right off the heels of MIPCOM and during this year’s AFM, Electric Entertainment announces that their series “Leverage: Redemption” has been picked up in the U.K., Africa and Hong Kong. 

IMDb TV, Amazon’s free streaming service secured full exclusivity across SVOD and AVOD for the series in the UK, NBCUniversal International Networks & DTC has picked up linear and SVOD rights for Universal TV in Africa, and Now TV in Hong Kong has acquired the SVOD rights for their new subscription streaming service, Now Studio.

Jeff Gonzalez, Chief Financial Officer at Electric Entertainment states, “U.K. audiences heavily embraced ‘Leverage’ when it first aired, and we are excited that they will be able to enjoy ‘Leverage: Redemption.’ What makes it even more gratifying for us is that it will be available on IMDb TV, our production partner for the reimagining of the series.”

The initial eight episodes of “Leverage:Redemption’s” first season originally premiered this past summer in the U.S.on IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service, with eight additional episodes premiering on October 8, 2021. The U.K., African and Hong Kong deals include the first season of the series --16 hour-long episodes. All 16 episodes of “Leverage: Redemption” premiered in the UK on Oct 22. 

Sonia Mehandjiyska, Head of International Distribution at Electric Entertainment, added, “Over the years, our ‘Leverage’ series became more and more popular with international audiences, as it did domestically. When ‘Leverage: Redemption’ premiered in the U.S. this summer, we saw demand grow stronger as each episode became available. We believe we will see the same positive reaction with Hong Kong and African audiences, if not more so.”