Espresso Media's documentary "Moscow's Dirty Gold Rush" goes to Spain

The TV title, that investigates a corrupt relationship between Russian oligarchs and organisations operating in the UAE, has secured its first sale to RTVE.


"Moscow’s Dirty Gold Rush"


Espresso Media International to globally represent the new current affairs documentary "Moscow’s Dirty Gold Rush" (1x56’), that illustrates the inner workings of a pre-existing and significantly corrupt relationship – between Russia and organisations operating in the UAE. Simultaneously, Espresso announces the first sale of the 2023 release, to Spain’s RTVE. The programme is set to broadcast on the 11th of February.

“As we approach the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion, it seems a particularly poignant time to release 'Moscow’s Dirty Gold Rush',” says Jess Reilly, Espresso’s Head of Sales and Acquisitions. “It’s important to reflect and be aware of the tragic consequences of war, and 'Moscow’s Dirty Gold Rush' is a deep dive investigation into an area many will not be aware of. We’re proud that the film will be premiering on RTVE, and we look to announcing new sales soon.”

As Ukraine burns, Putin and his oligarchs are reeling from aggressive sanctions and property seizures. Although their assets have been taken and their access to the world’s financial system shut down, some Kremlin cronies are enjoying a soft landing. Frozen out from the world’s monetary mainstream, many are making good use of the currency of last resort: gold. And they’re making good use, too, of its dark side: illicit but highly profitable mining, smuggling, and laundering. Crimes that wreck lives in the poorest countries of Africa. And they have the best accomplices in the business: the royal family of the United Arab Emirates.

With exclusive access to critical documents, "Moscow’s Dirty Gold Rush" reveals the networks of power, greed, and violence that stretch from the golden domes of Moscow to the mines of Mali, from the souks of Abu Dhabi to the arsenals of the Zimbabwean army, and exposes a gold refining joint venture between a notorious smuggler of conflict gold and the top echelons of the Emirati power: all of it enabled by oligarchs at the heart of the Kremlin.

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