26 NOV 2020


The French distributor acquired "Une jeune fille qui va bien", Sandrine Kiberlain's first feature film produced by Curiosa Films.


"Une jeune fille qui va bien"


France tv distribution has added "Une jeune fille qui va bien" ("A Radiant Girl" - working title) to its cinema lineup, directed by Sandrine Kiberlain, and to be working with Curiosa Films on the international distribution of the motion picture.

This is Sandrine Kiberlain’s first film behind the camera. Having played in some 56 movies and directed the short Bonne figure, starring Chiara Mastroianni (2016), she now has her first director’s credit on a feature.

This film takes place in Paris, in the summer of 1942 and talks about Irene, a young Jewish girl of 19 who is bubbling with energy. Her family watches her discover the world, her friends, her new love, and her passion for the theater. Irene wants to be an actress and she lives life with the characteristic carefreeness of youth. But Irene does not know that her days might be numbered.

Rebecca Marder (Comedie Francaise stalwart) plays Irene in this drama, alongside André Marcon, Anthony Bajon, Françoise Widhoff, India Hair and Ben Attal.

The film "Une jeune fille qui va bien" is a production of Curiosa Films and it will be released in theaters in 2021.